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Crafting With a Vintage Look, Issue #001 -- Scrapbooking Preview!
April 22, 2008

Issue #001 - Break out the champagne! Last December, we created out of a love of vintage postcards, crafting and scrapbooking. And you found us! And you cared enough to sign up for our newsletter!

And the first thing we do is ask you for a favor!

We actually will ask a favor, but first -- we want to thank you for being here for our first newsletter. In later issues, we'll share some interesting new crafts (and recipes, believe it or not), review some of the fascinating crafting blogs that have sprung out of nowhere, and tell you more about us (with a picture).

We'll keep issues short, because we don't want your glue to dry out while you are reading. So, on to that favor...

Sneak preview of our new scrapbook section

Vintage images can add a classic touch to scrapbooks. We took a look at various ways images can be used, and chose eight great examples. For each one, we offer a free vintage image, illustrated instructions, and some interesting techniques to try. But we would be grateful for your objective feedback before we add this section to our site next week.

So we are asking this three-step favor:

  1. Click on: or cut and paste the URL into your browser.

  2. Look around at the eight vintage scrapbook ideas. Click the links. Kick the tires:
    1. precious new baby
    2. precious new car
    3. birthday party (Ella was one year old and cute, cute, cute)
    4. football victory
    5. Christmas with the kids
    6. vacation on a tropical island
    7. a colorful wedding
    8. forty-year friendship

  3. Click on Contact Us on our website and TELL US what you think. We'd like to hear your suggestions, confusions, typographical errors or anything you can offer that will help us make our scrapbooking section better.

In other words, we want to show family before we show strangers. You're family.

Next issue:

We're putting together a little "about us" information, so you can see the loonies you are dealing with. We have to take a couple of photos in our natural habitat - with paper cuts, paint splatters, and paper mache in our hair.

Oh, and we will be adding a great "vintage cake pan" craft soon, with a bonus Victorian recipe for Lemon-Coriander Seed Cake!

Until then - keep crafting!

Scott & Martin

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