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Crafting With a Vintage Look, Issue #013 - FREE vintage Valentine images!
January 06, 2009

Issue #013 - We hope your holidays were joyful and creative! It is the New Year and we all have another 12 months of crafting and scrapbooking to look forward to.

Valentine's Day is next at bat. There actually several Saint Valentines in the Catholic canon, but the most popular legend has one of those Saint Valentines imprisoned by the Emperor Claudius II for secretly performing wedding ceremonies for soldiers who were forbidden to marry. On the eve of his execution, legend has it that he sent a note to a young woman, signed "From your Valentine." The rest is history.

By the way, our trip to the Pacific Northwest and Vancouver was COLD! "Hats On" to all of our crafting friends from that region!

This week, we have the most beautiful postcard sets on auction at our vintage image eBay auctions. Take a look at these remarkable originals.

FREE Valentine Collage Sheet

Everyone knows that chubby little cherub, Cupid. Love is a shot in the dark, they say, which is why Cupid carries a bow and arrow and not a clipboard and a stack of personality tests.

The Victorians were not satisfied with only one star cherub. Oh no, they staffed Valentine's Day with dozens of winged wee-folk. We selected four colorful clip art examples and created this FREE collage sheet for you, called Valentine Cherubs.

To download your FREE collage sheet: Just click on this URL, or cut and paste it into your Internet browser:

You will open a PDF file that you can then save on your computer!

But there is a catch. We need your feedback. We are trying to make Vintage Image Craft the BEST source for vintage images and craft projects on the Internet. This is where you come in...

Please download Valentine Cupids and play with it. Then, contact us and let us know about your experience.

  • Was it easy to download? Did you receive a bright, clear PDF document?

  • How would you rate the quality of our vintage images?

  • How useful are the sizes of the images? Can you try resizing the images by copying them out of the PDF document and into Word or your graphics program?

  • What do you wish we could supply? What different kinds of vintage images do you want? What other products would be valuable to you?

  • What other kinds of projects and information would you like to see on

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Next issue:

Our next issue of Crafting With A Vintage Look will be out around January 20 - with Valentines on our minds! Contact us with your ideas and suggestions!


Scott & Martin

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