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Crafting With a Vintage Look, Issue #019 - Special Edition, Easter Inspiration and News!
April 03, 2009

Special Easter Edition, Issue #019 - In our neck of the woods,April is plantin' time. We probably went overboard last week in our garden, planting too many tomatoes, beets and parsnips (our favorites). By June we may be offering them to you for free in Vegetables With a Vintage Look.

In the meantime, Easter is nearly here! As you can see, Martin made his traditional Bunny Baskets with his Kindergarten class this year. They cut out the bunny faces and ears, sponged on tan paint, glued on felt eyes and teeth, and added chenille whiskers. The classroom parent-volunteers stapled them to simple paper boxes. Today, the kids carried them around the playground, hunting for hidden eggs!

This humble basket was the inspiration for our special vintage Easter craft this year.

In this Special Edition Easter Issue, we bring you:

  • Our simple, paper Easter Bunny Basket with an authentic Victorian bunny!
  • Two new Easter Image Books that will make you hop with joy.
  • Vintage Image Craft now appearing on the handcrafted goods website, Etsy!
  • A "communal" crafting and altered art blog that is worth a nice, long look.

Let's get crafting...

Easter Bunny Basket
A Simple Paper Craft with Vintage Charm

Our exclusive Easter Bunny Basket craft is perfect as an Easter table favor: just the right size for a single dyed egg and some jelly beans. And the sophisticated vintage look is a big hop from the Kindergarten craft that inspired it (see the photo of Martin above).

This is a three-ingredient craft: paper, ribbon and glue. You can even skip the ribbon - or you can go the other direction and embellish it even more. The striking vintage image is a romantic Victorian rabbit illustration, which we restored and adapted from an antique Easter greeting card.

You'll find the FREE vintage images and complete instructions at Easter Bunny Basket.

Drop us a note if you have any questions - or want to show us your proud pictures.

If the craft link above doesn't work for you, type into your browser:

Exclusive Easter Images at
Our Vintage Image Download Gallery


From A Musical Easter I and Easter Egg Surprise I image books

The Victorians loved the fantastic. Talking animals. Mythical beings. Magic. Think Alice in Wonderland (1865) and its vintage special effects.

Even Easter was a time to let the imagination run wild. We've collected some of the most fantastic, most whimsical Easter images into two new digital Image Books, A Musical Easter I and Easter Egg Surprise I.

Rabbits beat drums and play the lute, while chicks sing Easter Carols. And there is no telling what will hatch out of a Victorian egg! Large, high-quality images in high resolution. Vivid colors and detail. Unusual and phantasmagorical illustrations from those imaginative Victorians. Available "right now" with secure PayPal payment and simple one-step downloading.

Our goal is to create the "picture perfect" image resource for your crafts, scrapbook and altered art projects. We are proud to invite you to browse our first offerings of our Vintage Image Download Gallery.

If the link above doesn't work for you, type into your browser:

Vintage Image Craft Joins Etsy

We are proud to announce that Vintage Image Craft is now an Etsy store, too. We officially opened this week, offering our line of Vintge Image Books. If you haven't visited Etsy, it is the premier online source for unique, handmade articles and supplies, with tens of thousands of creative sellers.

Drop in to the Vintage Image Craft store by clicking VintageImageCraft on Etsy or on the Etsy logo at the left.

FREE Easter Collage Sheet
Easter Bunnies I

Don't forget to download your FREE Easter collage sheet, "Easter Bunnies I." We've already heard from several gifted crafters about projects and cards they've made from these great vintage images. Make some snazzy vintage-inspired cards, decorate your Easter table, or decoupage some eggs!

As our free gift to you for Easter, click below to download a PDF file of this one-page collage sheet, Easter Bunnies I:

Download PDF: Easter Bunnies I

If the image link above doesn't work for you, type into your browser:

Inspiring Books 'n Blogs

Each month in Crafting With a Vintage Look, we highlight some of the best craft blogs and books for vintage image lovers. So get prepared to go surfing...

  • Paper Imagery Designs is the combined work of a heavenly host of multi-media artists. That's what makes it so intriguing. From post to post, you can see the diverse and contrasting work of each artist and how they handle images and materials. They share everything with you: from sources to detailed instructions. Just browse, or jump in and take the Weekly Challenge! Be sure to click through to the personal blogs of each artist, too. Say hello to Melissa for us at Paper Imagery Designs

Next issue:

Putting things in perspective: The other day, I was reading out loud to Martin from the slimmed-down Los Angeles Times. The article was listing the major newspapers that had recently gone out of business or were threatened. It was strange to imagine a world without newspapers. "What will we do without the comics?" I said, "Or coupons?" "Forget those," Martin added somberly. "How will we make paper mache?"

Our next Easter craft doesn't depend on paper mache. If we can get it together, we'll share a very Victorian Egg Ornament with you before the big Easter day on April 12. After that, look for our regular edition of Crafting With a Vintage Look on April 20.

Do we smell cookies in the oven, or is that just Mother's Day coming? Even though the first official Mother's Day wasn't until 1910, we understand that mothers were quite popular even before that date. It seems that everyone claimed to have one.

For the occasion on May 10 this year, we have created some Mother's Day crafts and gifts that will keep you in cookies for a year.

THANK YOU for some wonderful emails this past month. We especially appreciated hearing from Christy: "I wanted to let you know that I fell in love with your site and have already printed the directions for two Christmas ornaments. Thank you!" Thanks, Christy, for warning us that Christmas is just around the corner again.

As always, write to us anytime with your ideas and suggestions. We love it!


Scott & Martin

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