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Crafting With a Vintage Look, Issue #002 -- About Us!
May 22, 2008

Issue #002 - You may have wondered: who are these guys, anyway? Why this fascination with vintage images? What are they going to do next on Where else can I find creative ideas with a vintage style?

Well, as we promised in our first issue of Crafting With a Vintage Look, here is a little...

About us...

(You can now find our life story on the VintageImageCraft website
on our About Us page.)

Inspiring Craft and Scrapbook Blogs

The blogosphere is teeming with crafting and scrapbooking people. We've become acquainted with several creative folks, and we'd like to introduce you to some each month in Crafting With a Vintage Look. Just a few - three should be enough. We hope you'll visit them.

  • Elsita is an artist living in Los Angeles, and she has a unique and sophisticated approach to using vintage images in her art. Just looking at the photos of her pieces may give you some creative ideas: Elsa Mora
  • Vicki loves to use vintage photos in many of her pieces - and she is a master of various techniques for altering the artwork. Again - you may find many ideas here: This Art That Makes Me Happy
  • I stumbled upon Fabrizio's blog a couple of months ago and immediately sent him a note asking him to take a look at our website. He bounced right back with kind words and some great suggestions. As you can see, he has an eye for vintage images and a wealth of beautiful cards and crafts to share. Tell him we sent you: CraftingMad

Next issue:

We're trying to pay attention to the calendar this year. The June issue will have a preview of a swell 4th of July wreath for your door. If you are into Victorian embroidery and fabric crafts, we have a great source for patterns and instructions. We'll also review three new blogs - there are millions more to go.

Final word: Please send us a note through our contact page. We're grateful that several crafty folks offered constructive comments for our new scrapbook projects. We'd love to hear from you with your suggestions or more about your interests.

Until then, keep crafting!

Scott & Martin

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