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Crafting With a Vintage Look, Issue #025 - Independence Day crafts and the celebrated Jo Packham
June 23, 2009

Issue #025 - Martin just finished up school last week... his 33rd year of teaching. Par for the course, he limped over the finish line exhausted and with a bad case of flu. Gratefully, Martin comes away from Kindergarten this year with a bit more than those usual prizes. He's been named Teacher of the Year for his district - a very great honor!

With all the excitement, this edition of Crafting With a Vintage Look is a few days late. But, it is chock full of wonderful gifts for you!

  • Create a fun and easy Independence Day Decoration with a Victorian Skyrocket theme.
  • Be among the first to view our cute, cute, cute Patriotic Children I image book!
  • Meet a woman with a creative mission - Jo Packham of Where Women Create.
  • Enjoy a terribly authentic Craft-from-Hell from the 1916 edition of Henley's Encyclopedia.

Let's get crafting...

Independence Day Decoration
"And the rocket's red glare..."

Nothing could thrill a Victorian boy's heart like a big box of fireworks - especially the dazzling skyrocket! These miniature missiles were works of art, from their bright printed designs and labels to the distinctive cone-shaped cap.

Our exclusive Vintage Image Craft design borrows from these classic fireworks to create a table centerpiece worthy of your 4th of July celebration. The few simple ingredients (cardboard tube, paper, wire and tinsel garland) go together in a snap. We even provide a wonderful 1908 fireworks vintage image as a FREE download.

The FREE vintage image PDF download and craft instructions are waiting for you at VintageImageCraft. See the complete instructions at:

Independence Day Decoration

You can see ALL of our patriotic crafts on our new Independence Day Crafts page, and enjoy reading the stories behind so many of our national symbols, from Lady Liberty to The Spirit of '76. Write us a note if you have any questions or suggestions.

If the craft link above doesn't work for you, type into your browser:

Patriotic Children I
and our Independence Day Image Books

From Patriotic Children I and Uncle Sam I

Children and fireworks do mix - at least from the Victorian perspective. We are proud to introduce one of our (dare we say it?) cutest collections of vintage images - Patriotic Children I. This image book includes twelve large images and four exclusive "scraps," all on four 8.5" X 11" pages.

Also NEW this year is the four-page Uncle Sam I, with fourteen vintage images of "Uncle Sam" in all his patriotic finery, including post cards from 1900-1910 and recruitment posters from World War I, circa 1917.

Our goal is to create the "picture perfect" image resource for your crafts, scrapbook and altered art projects. We are proud to invite you to browse our Vintage Image Download Gallery.

If the link above doesn't work for you, type into your browser:

(And you can also visit our Etsy store at VintageImageCraft on Etsy!)

Interviews with Artists and Authors

It's no surprise that some of today's most beautiful magazines are devoted to the visual arts, design and crafting. So, when one crafting magazine really stands out on the rack, it must be very special. That's how we felt when we saw the first stunning issue of Where Women Create, and we knew we had to meet the woman who makes it a quarterly reality, Jo Packham.

Photo of Jo Packham, author, publisher and crafterJo Packham has always listened to her inner voice (which she admits sounds a bit like her mother's), and it has led her to build a rich, creative life for herself - and for many others. Today, she is one of the most recognized figures in the craft and how-to publishing industry, but it all began with her mother's words that she could succeed at anything she put her heart to.

Throughout her career, Jo followed her heart. About 30 years ago, she began with a small art supply store in her hometown of Ogden, Utah. She soon launched a cross-stitch design company, which she grew into Chapelle Ltd., one of the most successful co-publishers of arts and crafts books (including many of her own popular titles).

Then in 2005, Jo organized an arts and crafts symposium called WomenCreate. This gathering's unique theme and momentum led Jo to a partnership with Stampington & Company, and resulted in Jo's quarterly magazine, Where Women Create. Considering the lively buzz around this gorgeous magazine, Jo's story may be just beginning, so we were pleased to be able to catch her now to talk about her career milestones and what may lie ahead!

Read our entire Jo Packham interview here.

Crafts-from-Hell circa 1916

Excerpted from Henley's Twentieth Century Formulas, Recipes and Processes, Volume 3, published in 1916. We share this series of authentic craft instructions, so you will realize how good you have it today. Try these at your own risk!

Glow Pictures

"These can be easily produced by drawing the outlines of a picture, writing, etc., on a piece of white paper with a solution of 40 parts of saltpeter and 20 parts of gum arabic in 40 parts of warm water, using a writing pen for this purpose. All the lines must connect and one of them must run to the edge of the paper, where it should be marked with a fine lead-pencil line. When a burning match is held to this spot, the line immediately glows on, spreading over the whole design, and the design formerly invisible finally appears entirely singed."

And no, we have no suggestions on where to find saltpeter.

Next issue:

Our next issue will be out around July 20, and the theme will be "Back to School" scrapbooks - with special FREE vintage images! Yes - Martin may still be recovering from this school year, but he is a trooper.

With this scrapbooking theme, we hope to introduce you to one of the hottest names in scrapbooking today. We guarantee you'll gain a new perspective on what you may have thought was the "simple" art of scrapbooking.

And, we'll share another craft-from-hell as described in the 1916 publication, Henley's Twentieth Century Formulas, Recipes And Processes. That is, if you didn't already burn down your house trying out the "Glow Pictures" described in this issue.

Many of our ideas for Crafting With a Vintage Look come from you, because you care enough to write to us. Please, send us a note and let us know about your latest crafting projects - or requests.

Have a "sparkling" Independence Day!

Scott & Martin

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