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Crafting With a Vintage Look, Issue #026 - Happy 4th of July!
July 03, 2009

Issue #026 - According to her own recounting, it was late May or early June in 1776 when the young widow and upholsterer, Betsy Ross, met with three illustrious revolutionaries, including General George Washington. They came to her to discuss the design of a new flag for the emerging nation. One big concern for the men was whether the flag should include stars, because they might be difficult to cut and sew. Legend has it that Betsy Ross quickly folded a scrap of fabric, took one snip with her shears, and unfolded a perfect five-pointed star. The rest is history.

For this Special Edition of Crafting With a Vintage Look, we want to say "Happy Independence Day" with this FREE vintage image of Betsy Ross stitching on those tricky stars. This charming illustration is by Ellen H. Clapsaddle, from about 100 years ago.

To download and save this vintage image on your computer, right-click on the image and select "Save Image As..."

If you'd like to see the original antique postcard that we scanned for this image, you can visit our vintage image eBay auctions until late on July 4. We'll have an assortment of rare vintage illustrations and ephemera on auction through the summer.

Next Issue:

Our next regular issue of Crafting With a Vintage Look will be out around July 20, and the theme will be "Back to School" scrapbooks - with special FREE vintage images!

Following the scrapbooking theme, we plan to introduce you to one of the hottest writers in scrapbooking today.

Thank you for your thoughtful notes (even congratulating Martin on his Teacher of the Year award!). Your questions, comments, or just meandering chit-chat are always welcome, so please write to us.

Here's to the "Stars and Stripes Forever" this Independence Day!

Scott & Martin

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