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Crafting With a Vintage Look, Issue #031 - A Thanksgiving Tie that is knot hard to make!
October 19, 2009

Issue #031 - Sing along now... "Under the River and Through the Tubes..."

That's the Thanksgiving song for New Yorkers taking the Lincoln Tunnel out to have dinner with grandma in New Jersey.

For the rest of us, Thanksgiving can be anywhere we have friends and family. This year we will fly out to Durham, North Carolina, to have dinner with Kindergarten friend, Mitchell (well-met in 1961), partners, children, and more. Then, we have a day to see historic Williamsburg in Virginia, which will be decorated for Thanksgiving, circa 1700.

We will raise a grateful toast to you! You've been so supportive of us and VintageImageCraft, and we want to thank you. One way we try to do that is with Crafting With a Vintage Look. In this issue we offer you:

  • A nifty, thrifty and funny Thanksgiving Tie craft, starring our favorite dinner-bird, the noble turkey.
  • A FREE Halloween vintage image by Frances Brundage for download.
  • A visit with a "creatist" of great talent, Ann Divelbiss.
  • A soaring sorceress by Wendy Zupan Bailey.
  • A Thank You to the immensely discriminating and thoughtful purchasers of our Halloween Card e-book!

Let's get crafting...

A Thanksgiving Tie
(for the turkey-carver in your family!)

Any man can tell you - Thanksgiving dinner always ends up on your tie. Why not just start there?

Just for fun, whip up this vintage-look Thanksgiving Tie as the perfect dinner accessory. The three vintage images are of turkeys, of course. The first is running free. The second has met his match in an ecstatic Pilgrim boy. And the third - is golden brown on a serving platter.

Making this tie is much simpler than making a yam casserole. Start with a thrift store tie, and simply print the FREE images onto iron on transfer paper. Apply them to the tie, and add some embellishment (a wishbone charm?) if you wish. Bon Appetit!

The FREE vintage image PDF download for our exclusive Thanksgiving Tie craft is waiting for you at VintageImageCraft. See the complete instructions at:

Vintage Thanksgiving Tie

Write us a note if you have any questions of suggestions.

If the craft link above doesn't work for you, type into your browser:


A Vintage Image Download
Just for You

For our Halloween cards this year, we chose this charming illustration by Frances Brundage. She drew this around 1909, and a century has not dimmed the mischievous smile on this little witch as she asphyxiates her overly-loved black cat. We thought you might hug her to death too, so we are offering this FREE vintage image with our best Halloween wishes.

Frances Brundage Halloween postcard

To download and save this vintage image on your computer, right-click on the image and select "Save Image As..."

Don't forget to visit our vintage image eBay auctions now and then, to see the original postcards and ephemera behind our image collections.

Cards with a Past e-book series
Ten Vintage Halloween Greetings to Make

We've received some wonderful feedback on our NEW e-book, Ten Vintage Halloween Greetings to Make.

We want to thank the forward-thinking, creative daredevils that purchased the first few e-book downloads and lived to tell us about it:

Suzanne - I can hardly wait for the weekend so that I will have a bunch of time to get started making these very special cards. The images are simply wonderful!

Mandi - I was really excited to find your book! I'm planning to use it to teach my son, a crafty 9 year-old, how to make different kinds of cards. He learned to do 'pop ups' at school and has fun doing them. He will LOVE the '3d' card and especially the seeds behind the pumpkin.

MaryAnn - I fell in love with the designs and plan to make good use of them.

Sally - I'm going to get started making Halloween cards this weekend. I've already printed the book and it is GREAT!

and thanks to Donna, James, Maureen, Lisa, Edward, Mary, Stanley, Amanda, Sandra, Rhonda, and all of you who jumped on the "Halloween card" bandwagon in recent weeks.

Still want to make some special Halloween cards for those scary people in your life? Just go to


After you pay with PayPal, you'll quickly receive an email with the download link, and you are one click away from creating some of the most unique vintage-look Halloween cards this season!

If the e-book link above doesn't work for you, type into your browser:

Inspiring Books 'n Blogs

Anns' Imagination Creations is a magical gallery of ATCs and artwork. Ann is an artist (although she pefers the word "creatist" to describe how she manipulates images, text and embellishments) with an eye for misty, nostalgic portraits and figures. "Pumpkin Girl" pictured here is just one example of the funny places Ann can take you!

We urge you to delve into her archives for ideas and inspiration for altered art and jewelry as only a "creatist" could imagine them! Drop in to Ann's inviting blog at Ann's Imagination Creations.

Show and Tell

Wendy Zupan Bailey has been making some Halloween phantasmagoricals like we've never seen before. This up-up-and-away witch is called "Fly Me to the Moon," and we are so proud that Wendy chose Vintage Image Craft images to embellish the base of her soaring sorceress!

If you can, stop by Wendy's online doll shop, Figurative Art, and see her latest works.

Next issue:

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to make crafts and decorations for your holiday festivities. Have you visited our Thanksgiving Crafts page recently? You will find some great decorating ideas, like Thanksgiving Napkin Rings, a Thanksgiving Quilt, and of course, that silly Thanksgiving Tie. We hope to get another Thanksgiving Surprise out to you before the big day - watch your inbox!

But wait... do you hear sleigh bells in the snow? Tiny hoofs, clattering on the rooftop? Eggnog spoiling in the fridge? Yes, it is Christmas, just around the corner!

We had a big surprise this week in the form of a note from a Famous Glitter Manufacturer. "Would you consider designing a VintageImageCraft exclusive craft with our Famous Glitter?"

We responded - "You betcha!" We even have a great Christmas craft idea that really NEEDS glitter! We'll have the details to you before you can say "Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!"

THANK YOU for your responses to our last subscriber question: "Do you think Vintage Image Craft should have a gallery for posting craft photos, questions and ideas?" You all said "yes" so we are getting to work on that. Keep writing - you too, Sal darling. We answer everything you write to us.

Christmas is Coming, the Goose is Getting Fat!

Scott & Martin

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