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Crafting With a Vintage Look, Issue #032 - NEW e-book, Ten Vintage Christmas Greetings to Make!
November 04, 2009

Issue #032 - 'Twas the Month Before Christmas..."

...and your fingers are practically twitching with the desire to make unique and beautiful Christmas cards. Twitch no more! We have just published our exclusive e-book guide to crafting exclusive vintage-look holiday cards, and it can be yours today.

Ten Vintage Christmas Greetings to Make contains complete instructions and all of the vintage images needed to create ten unique Christmas cards. Each design is based on an antique original illustration. And each card employs a distinct technique you can add to your list of paper-crafting talents. Did we mention the introductory subscriber discount?

With that as our lead story, we have for you:

  • Our NEW crafting e-book, Ten Vintage Christmas Greetings to Make, AVAILABLE NOW with an exclusive discount!
  • Drop into Gretchen's cottage for some vintage-inspired jewelry and art.
  • Enjoy another terribly authentic Craft-from-Hell from the 1916 edition of Henley's Encyclopedia.

Let's get crafting...

Ten Vintage Christmas Greetings to Make

A New e-book with Subscriber Discount!

You can make your own unique and dazzling Christmas cards, based on vintage images from bygone days! Entirely NEW, this is the second e-book of our series, "Cards with a Past." Each e-book is published in a convenient, high-quality PDF file format. You download it to your computer for reading or printing. The vintage images included are high-resolution, in pre-sized format, ready to print at a copy center or on your home ink-jet printer!

Ten Vintage Christmas Greetings to Make has everything you need to create beautiful vintage-look greeting cards - with professional results the easy way.

40 pages of easy card-making magic. The emphasis is on easy, using simple materials and things you probably have 'on hand.'

10 exclusive Christmas card designs by Master-Cardist Martin Bray, using techniques like window cards, pop up cards, paper tole, fabric inserts, textural collage, and hot glue embellishments.

Detailed, illustrated instructions that demonstrate step-by-step how to create each card - well, you know from our website how we do that.

14 pages of restored, pre-sized vintage images to download and print - with tips on how to get professional results on your home ink-jet printer.

Information on papers, materials, supplies, tools and techniques, including personalizing and envelope-making.

A quick download of this e-book and its 14 pages of restored vintage images is now available for $8.99 - if you just stumble across it at Vintage Image Craft.

BUT - here a special offer just you as a subscriber to Crafting with a Vintage Look. If you purchase within the next 10 days - you can get

$2.00 off the regular price.

The catch? You have to promise to tell us what you think of the book, so we can make a really fantastic edition for Valentine's Day. And if you are not satisfied - we have a Money Back Guarantee!

Just go to:


Click on the "Add to Cart" button, and when you complete your purchase with PayPal, type in the secret subscriber discount code:


That's all there is to it -- 1-2-3 -- click on the e-book link above, scroll down and click on "Add to Cart," and enter the $2.00 discount code of "subscriber" into PayPal.

You'll quickly receive an email with the download link, and you are one click away from creating some of the most unique vintage-look Christmas cards this season!

If the e-book link above doesn't work for you, type into your browser:

Inspiring Books 'n Blogs

Mimi-Toria's Designs is all about creative recycling. Gretchen Schaumann lovingly refashions found vintage treasures into jewelry and decorative artworks. This month, she shows off a weathered six-pane window, re-purposed into a photo gallery - giving us inspiration for an upcoming Christmas craft!

Every item in Gretchen's blog is food for thought and inspiration - especially her exquisite jewelry. She also shares free vintage images, gathered from her travels. Visit Gretchen' cottage at Mimi-Toria's Designs.

Crafts-from-Hell circa 1916

You may assume from our past excerpts from Henley's Twentieth Century Formulas. Recipes and Processes, that the craft instructions contained therein are almost entirely incomprehensible. Not so with today's Helpful Henley Hint on how to compose an image when making lantern slides. Remember lantern slides? Those pre-TV Victorian parlor entertainments? We think you'll find their advice very practical...

The horizon line in a landscape, and more particularly in a marine view, should always be in proper position, either below or above the center line of the lantern slide, as may suit the subject, but should never divide the picture in the middle and should not appear to be running either up or down hill. And the vertical lines in the pictures should not be leaning, but should run parallel with the side lines of the mat; this refers especially to the vertical lines in architecture, except, however, the Tower of Pisa and kindred subjects, which should in every case be shown with their natural inclinations.

Excerpted from Henley's Twentieth Century Formulas, Recipes and Processes, Volume 1, published in 1916, New York. We enjoy sharing some of Henley's best (or worst) craft instructions, so you will realize how good you have it today. But who knew they had a sense of humor?

Next issue:

When we are "in season" we step up the publication of Crafting With a Vintage Look to several issues a month. It only makes sense - there is a lot of crafting going on and we have lots of ideas to share. We're hard at work now on a joint Christmas project with that Famous Glitter Manufacturer we mentioned in the last issue.

In each of the next ten issues, we'll be featuring a "Christmas Card of the Moment" from our new e-book Ten Vintage Christmas Greetings to Make. We hope each one will give you ideas to make your Christmas crafting more fun.

Since we are still on this side of Thanksgiving, our next issue will include a FREE Thanksgiving collage sheet of Victorian Pumpkin Pies. And don't forget to visit our Thanksgiving Crafts page. We've received a lot of comments about that silly Thanksgiving Tie, including a featured mention in Nancy Ward's PaperFriendly blog.

Each week, we auction vintage postcards and ephemera on eBay, so if you are interested in seeing some of the real stuff, visit our vintage image eBay auctions.

We want to thank you for your comments and suggestions on our first "Cards With a Past" e-book, Ten Vintage Christmas Greetings to Make. You helped make our Christmas edition even better - bless you William, Shani, Virginia, Beth, Margaret, Nancy, Vern, Carrie, Abhithi, Bernadette, Ranita, Kit, and Vic. We look forward to hearing from you creative people! Write to us anytime.

Enjoy decorating for Thanksgiving!

Scott & Martin

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