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Crafting With a Vintage Look #037 - Christmas Card #5 and Rainbow Fire!
November 16, 2009

Issue #037 - The vintage image on our "Christmas Card of the Moment" #5 is one of our favorites. Its style is a little different from the usual Victorian excess, with a Currier & Ives spareness.

Christmas Card Book card #5

In the background, a little Kinkadian church glows under the falling snow of winter, 1910. A well-to-do family, in their winter furs, bustles through the snow clutching gifts and boughs of holly and pine. They seem to glance at us curiously for a moment, as they hurry toward the warmth of a parlor fireplace.

Bustle into this Special Edition of Crafting With a Vintage Look for:

  • Our Christmas Card of the Moment #5, Victorian Embossed Panel Card.
  • Fill your fireplace with color with Rainbow Pinecones.
  • Buyers speak out!.

Let's get crafting...

Christmas Card of the Moment #5
Victorian Embossed Panel Card

Paper embossing is probably one of the simplest papercrafts (just a step beyond making a paper hat or airplane). Easy? Lay a coin under a piece of cardstock and rub gently around its edges with a bone folder. You now have a small, round raised panel. On the other side of the paper you have a small round embossed panel. End of tutorial.

For our Victorian Embossed Panel Card, we provide a template for making a cardboard embossing form. When the shape is embossed onto the cover of the card, it makes the perfect frame for the vintage image. As elegant as a Victorian calling card.

This Card of the Moment is the fifth in our new e-book, Ten Vintage Christmas Greetings to Make. It is published in a convenient, high-quality PDF file format. You download it to your computer for reading or printing. The vintage images are included in high-resolution, pre-sized format, ready to print at a copy center or on your home ink-jet printer!

Just go to:


Click on the "Add to Cart" button and complete your purchase with PayPal. You'll immediately receive an email with the download link, and you are one click away from creating some of the most unique vintage-look Christmas cards this season!

If the e-book link above doesn't work for you, type into your browser:

Rainbow Pinecones

We know this isn't exactly a craft, but that description above of " they hurry toward the warmth of a parlor fireplace" gave us an idea.

If you grew up with a fireplace in the house, did you ever sprinkle "rainbow powder" on the logs and watch the flames magically turn from orange to blue to green? And then some kill-joy old uncle explained all the chemical reactions until you wanted to push him in? Well, we ran across an old recipe for Rainbow Pine Cones which are pretty easy to make. Toss a couple on the fire for a colorful blaze!

For each color batch of pine cones, you will need:

  • 1 gallon of water
  • 1 pound of one of the following chemicals: calcium chloride (orange flame); potassium chloride (purple); copper chloride (blue); strontium nitrate (red); copper sulfate (green); or lithium chloride (dark red).
  • Pine cones - lots of them
  • Plastic tub or dishpan
  • Mesh bag (like a plastic onion or potato bag)

  1. Mix the water and one of the chemicals in the plastic tub
  2. Place pine cones in the mesh bag
  3. Submerge the bag of pine cones in the solution and weight it down with a brick or stone to keep it from floating
  4. Soak for 15 minutes
  5. Lay the pine cones out onto newspapers to dry overnight

When you burn the pine cones in your fireplace, each chemical will produce a different colored flame!

Buyers Speak Out!

On Ten Vintage Christmas Greetings to Make:

"May I say this is an excellent booklet and the images are so wonderful. The instructions seem easy to follow. Thanks so much for making these available. I will truly enjoy using these images on my cards this year. I have been making Christmas cards all year long and this will be the cream of the crop, so to speak. Thanks again." MaryAnn

(We just got the joke about 'cream of the crop.' We spend half our day cropping images, and we can't even see a cropping joke as big as a bus. Call it craft-fatigue.)

Next issue:

In a couple of days, we'll share our Christmas Card of the Moment #6, Honk If You Love Santa. The technique on this card is paper tole, which is the layering of pictorial elements to get a three-dimensional effect. Boy, did we find the perfect vintage image for it.

Many thanks to Donna for helpful travel advice as we head out to her "neck of the woods" in South Carolina for Thanksgiving. She basically advised bringing clothes for hot, cold, wet and dry weather. And then gave us a tip on a great plantation to visit near Charleston. If we can carry all of those clothes.

Loving the mail! Keep writing!.

Scott & Martin

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