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Crafting With a Vintage Look #047 - Valentine Card of the Moment #1
January 22, 2010

Issue #047 - We're beginning our Countdown to Valentine's Day with our Card of the Moment series. In this series of Special Editions of Crafting With a Vintage Look we'll be presenting ten handmade Valentine cards from our new e-book, Ten Vintage Valentine Cards to Make.

We also have a new offering that we hope will satisfy that every-mounting question, "Can we get JPG and PNG images with your PDF Image Books?" Yes you can! Our newest Valentine Image Books come complete with the original PDF format along with the JPG and PNG images included!

In this issue, we wish you "Happy Valentine's Day" with:

  • Our Card of the Moment #1, Valentine Sillhouette.
  • Two NEW Valentine Image Books available as PDF/JPG/PNG Image Packages.
  • A new series of Craft Recipes for making your own crafting supplies.

Let's get crafting...

Valentine Card of the Moment #1
Valentine Sillhouette

In the 19th Century, it was de rigueur to carry a small likeness of your beloved. Since it was terribly expensive to have a tiny portrait painted, the economical alternative was a small black and white illustration called a "profile shade," later called a silhouette. This practice caught on with the rich as well, although their versions were painted on silk or gold and encrusted with precious stones. Isn't that always the way?

We took a page from that Victorian style to create this Valentine card. A winged Cupid cut-out is silhouetted against his actual illustrated image, with ruby-red heart-shaped plastic gems for that vintage touch.

This Card of the Moment is the first in our new e-book, Ten Vintage Valentine Greetings to Make. It is published in a convenient, high-quality PDF file format. You download it to your computer for reading or printing. There are complete instructions for making ten cards, and the vintage images included are high-resolution, in pre-sized format, ready to print at a copy center or on your home ink-jet printer!

As a subscriber to Crafting with a Vintage Look, if you purchase now you can get

$2.00 off the regular price.

The catch? You have to promise to tell us what you think of the book, so we can make a really fantastic edition for our Birthday Book. And if you are not satisfied - we have a Money Back Guarantee!

Just go to:


Click on the "Add to Cart" button, and when you complete your purchase with PayPal, type in the secret subscriber discount code:


That's all there is to it -- 1-2-3 -- click on the e-book link above, scroll down and click on "Add to Cart," and enter the $2.00 discount code of "subscriber" into PayPal.

You'll quickly receive an email with the download link, and you are one click away from creating some of the most unique vintage-look Valentine cards!

If the e-book link above doesn't work for you, type into your browser:

***NEW*** PDF/JPG/PNG Image Packages

From From Your Valentine I and Valentine Music I

Savvy crafters (like Kathy and Pat) have been asking us for JPG (jpeg) and PNG formats for many of the images in our Image Books. We put all our braincells together on this and came up with what we think is the ultimate offering: a PDF/JPG/PNG Image Package. For the same price as our regular Image Books!

When you purchase, you'll immediately receive a link to download a ZIP file containing a PDF file of all images arranged on four pages, the JPGs for all full images, and PNG files for the transparent "scraps." Ultimate flexibility!

From Your Valentine I contains twelve images and four exclusive "scraps" celebrating Valentine cards and love letters, with Cupid as the lighter-than-air mail carrier. Click here to see a thumbnail preview of the 8.5" x 11" PDF pages.

Our favorite, though, is Valentine Music I, with its vintage depictions of the sweet songs of Valentine's Day. Cupid serenades us all on fantastical instruments of love. Click here to see a thumbnail preview of the 8.5" x 11" PDF pages.

Our goal is to create the "picture perfect" image resource for your crafts, cards, scrapbook and altered art projects. We are proud to invite you to browse our Vintage Image Download Gallery.

If the link above doesn't work for you, type into your browser:

(And you can also visit our Etsy store at VintageImageCraft on Etsy!)

Concoct Your Own Craft Supplies!

Spray Fixative


  • 1 part pure white shellac
  • 1 part denatured alcohol
  • screw-top glass jar
  • spray bottle
Pour the shellac into the jar and add the alcohol. Screw the lid on tightly and shake until thoroughly mixed. Pour the fixative into the spray bottle.

Spray fixative is used to prevent smudging on charcoal, chalk, pastel or pencil drawings. Lightly spray the fixative on the artwork from a distance of about 12", being careful not to wet the paper. Let it dry before handling.

Next issue:

We have a series of Special Editions of Crafting With a Vintage Look prepared that will take you through all ten Valentine cards from our e-book, "Ten Vintage Valentine Cards to Make". We want to give you ideas and inspiration as you think about creating a special hand-made Valentine for someone you love.

We are way too excited about attending the Craft & Hobby Association convention this weekend in Anaheim. We have plans to meet with some luminaries, including Carol Duvall and Marie Browning! Watch our next newsletters for an inside look at the convention and all the wonderful things we know we'll be experiencing there.

And we are still working on that Valentine craft that will make your romantic little heart beat faster.

Happy Valentine's Day to all you
sappy, romantic fools like us!

Scott & Martin

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