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Crafting With a Vintage Look, Issue #005 -- Halloween cards and crafts!
August 25, 2008

Issue #005 - The roots of Halloween can be traced back to the 7th-century holiday All-hallowmas (or All Saints Day), and even earlier to the Celtic Druid harvest celebration of Samhain. Under any guise, it was always a time of mystery, costumes, decorations and fortune-telling.

The Victorians captured many of the images and symbols of Halloween in their illustrations, postcards and greetings. We've borrowed a few classics to create several Halloween cards and crafts you can make - to spice up your celebration!

In this issue, we are excited to bring you:

  • A Victorian-inspired Halloween Treat Basket made from a recycled brown paper shopping bag. With it is an irresistible Halloween Chenille Figure! Here are instructions and FREE vintage images to create a basket, a princely Black Cat and his melon-headed sidekick, Jack O'Lantern.
  • THREE new Halloween card designs, including a quilted pumpkin card, a 3-D paper tole card, and a vintage pop-up card!
  • Three crafting and scrapbooking blog-reviews to get you inspired

We want to start by saying "thank you" for visiting VintageImageCraft and subscribing to our e-newsletter. We received the nicest note recently from Sal:

OMG, I am so excited over Vintage Image Craft - my friend in OH just sent me this site and I am hooked already. I have been making some pretty card "fronts" only lately and am already hooked on it. My Sis does the full cards so I guess she was my first inspiration. Now Vintage Image Craft will be such a great addition to my picture cards for decorating. I love it... Thank you for setting up this site, it's going to be fantastic to receive the newsletters and check out the different project. Hugs, Sal

Thanks, Sal - and thank you too!

Halloween Treat Basket

Our Halloween Treat Basket is a personal-size, trick-or-treat party essential. The technique is Victorian paper-weaving with an aged paper treatment that begins with a single brown paper bag. Fringed with black crepe paper, this is a design reminiscent of the 1890s.

Embellish your basket with a Halloween Chenille Figure of a black cat or a jack o'lantern. Take a look at the FREE vintage images and our step-by-step instructions.

As always - you are family so we can ask you. If you see any typos or dumb stuff in our craft instructions, or have any comments or questions, please contact us.

Three Exclusive Halloween Card Designs - With Images!

Martin loves Halloween - and we have childhood photos to prove it. But rather than embarrass him with those pictures, we hope we can delight you with pictures of his latest Halloween card designs.

I gave him a challenge: Come up with three, simple, three-dimensional cards using classic vintage images. He chose three different techniques:

A padded “quilted” pumpkin card

A layered paper tole pumpkin card

And a traditional pop-up card
with a flying witch!

These card designs are VintageImageCraft exclusives, and you are among the first to see them. We like to show you first so you can contact us with your suggestions or point out any oversights. Believe me, this is very helpful!

If the links above don’t work for you, type into your browser:

Inspiring Craft and Scrapbook Blogs

We're continuing our series of "blog reviews," to give you a taste of the many creative bloggers out there who are using vintage images in crafts and scrapbooking. This month in Crafting With a Vintage Look we want to introduce you to three creative blogs:

  • Pam is a designer for and in her own blog, she offers photos and instructions on some very tasty crafts using vintage images and embellishments. We especially like her bottle cap jewelry! Get a bouquet of ideas and inspiration at Iris Garden

  • Grooveycrafts is obviously in love with vintage images. Samrana alters images for many of her crafts and her site is loaded with clever ideas. And she is an early childhood teacher, which makes us like her even more. Look at her blog entries for “postcards” and be sure to visit her Etsy Store to sample some of her finished work: Groovycrafts.

  • What I really like about Susanna’s blog is that she is doing in a big way what we are doing here in a small way – collecting the best craft ideas from blogs. Follow her links in her “Best of the Blogosphere” features, and you’ll see that she knows good paper crafts when she sees them. You’ll find infinite inspiration at Card of The Week.

Next issue:

Our September issue of Crafting With a Vintage Look will feature two new Halloween crafts: Vintage-look ornaments and a spooky Halloween tree. Then we move on to Thanksgiving with a bounty of decorating ideas.

In the meantime, be sure to visit our eBay auction each week. You can always check our vintage image items up for sale right on our website at Vintage Auctions. You might see an antique original that inspires you.

And please drop us a note through our contact page. We'd love to hear from you with your suggestions or more about your interests.

Until then, keep crafting!

Scott & Martin

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