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Crafting With a Vintage Look #050 - FREE Valentine image, Valentine Card of the Moment #4
January 29, 2010

Issue #050 - When Martin and I first met in 1983, we were both collectors, but not of the same things. Martin and his family were deltiologists, collectors of vintage postcards of the Victorian and Edwardian eras. I was a musician, and my pride and joy were my files of old sheet music. Together, we had the makings of a good vintage ephemera collection - or a great bonfire.

Music is the theme for today's Special Edition of Crafting With a Vintage Look. As I was leafing through my music collection, I was struck by how many songs of the early 20th century were not in the typical young love, lost love or unrequited love veins. Apparently, people also liked to sing about mature love, deepening over time.

"Do You Love Me As You Loved Me Long Ago" was published in 1910 by McKinley Music of Chicago. It is a large format folio, 10.5" x 13.5", which was the standard size before 1920s paper frugality reduced sheet music to 9" x 12". Sheet music covers were often illustrated by the same artists who worked on postcards and magazine covers, but they were usually limited to only one or two colors of ink.

I think this simple illustration in brown and blue would make a wonderful Valentine card for someone who has been your Valentine for a long, long time.

You can open a large copy of this FREE illustration by clicking on the image. Your Internet browser will open to a full-size copy of the image. Just right-click and "Save image as..." to download it.

Also in this Special Edition of Crafting With a Vintage Look:

  • Our Valentine Card of the Moment #4, Love Songs CD Case.
  • A visit with crafting super-star and author, Marie Browning.
  • Tag along with Jessica Helfand through her Winterhouse World Tour 2010 e-scrapbook!

Let's get crafting...

Valentine Card of the Moment #4
Love Songs CD Case

Our crafty Michigan friend, Darlene, suggested this innovative card after perusing our last card-making e-book, Ten Vintage Christmas Cards to Make. "I know you are developing a Valentine e-book as well. I have an idea for you! Since a lot of people make their own CD's these days, why not come up with a Valentine insert for the plastic cover for CD's?? I think you could label it Love Songs.....use vintage pic's and old sheet music paper to develop the insert. It would make a charming Valentine Gift a homemade CD with downloaded favorite love songs and a beautiful "cover" for the plastic case! :) what do you think??? I love the CD ornie idea you guys created with the Santa Rag!!! A new one of those would be cute to go along with this theme idea as well....Cupids Arrow or something like that....see how you guys inspire me?? thank you so very much! Darlene

The design is really quite simple. A standard CD insert is 4.75" x 4.75". For the booklet, we scanned the sheet music for a wonderful 1911 piano piece called "Love Secrets." On the back of the book, we used a lightened scan of the music, to allow a panel to hand-write the CD's music titles. To embellish, we added a tag made from the music, and a chiffon ribbon.

For the CD, you can enclose a regular CD of your favorite love songs. or, for the adventurous, you can make your own. If it is your first time, you might start at iTunes, by downloading the free iTunes software, then buying the individual songs you want. The iTunes software is pretty straightforward with its procedure for downloading (burning) the tracks onto a blank CD. This is a very personal Valentine gift from your heart to his ears.

This Card of the Moment is the fourth in our new e-book, Ten Vintage Valentine Greetings to Make. It is published in a convenient, high-quality PDF file format. You download it to your computer for reading or printing. There are complete instructions for making ten cards, and the vintage images and templates included are high-resolution, in pre-sized format, ready to print at a copy center or on your home ink-jet printer!

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Correspondence from CHA
(Craft & Hobby Association Trade Show)

Marie Browning Headlines at CHA for TOMBOW

The famous fictional Canadian, Anne of Green Gables, embraced her closest friends as "kindred spirits." We believe we've found a kindred spirit in Canadian crafter and author, Marie Browning. She came south from her home in Victoria, BC, to represent Tombow at the Craft & Hobby Association Trade Show. You may know Tombow for its excellent adhesives and drawing products.

We had lunch with Marie and settled into craft-chat as if we had known each other since childhood. We showed her copies of our latest card-making e-books. She actually brought us some of her hand-made vintage-look jewelry! Mostly, I peppered her with questions about her many craft books.

Statistically, if you have five craft books in your library, one of them is probably by Marie Browning. Her catalog is fifty-plus titles to date, and we were lucky enough to hear about some in the works. Have you heard about Zentangle yet? According to Marie, it is hot and getting hotter, and she and Tombow are putting their heads and talents together on it. Watch for news!

Browse Jessica Helfand's e-scrapbook:
Winterhouse World Tour 2010

Jessica Helfand taught us about the nature and power of scrapbooks in her remarkable book, Scrapbooks: An American History. In that book she talked about the future of scrapbooking, and the new opportunities offered by the Internet. Well, she's blazing a trail into that future with her personal online travel scrapbook/blog, Winterhouse World Tour 2010. Jessica, her husband, William Drenttel, and their children Fiona and Malcolm are on a six-month odyssey. Jessica and William are assuming a joint fellowship appointment at the American Academy in Rome, beginning in March. To make the trip interesting, the entire family is journeying from New York to Rome over a three-month period by way of China, Vietnam, India, Africa, and the Netherlands. The entire family contributes to the commentary, and the photos are awesome. Browse Jessica's travel scrapbook/blog - as it is being written - at Winterhouse World Tour 2010.

Next issue:

Thanks for your questions about the Craft & Hobby Association Trade Show this past week. To give you a feel for the place, we took this photo from the mezzanine level of the Anaheim Convention Center, just as the doors opened for the morning. Now, make about 100 copies of it and lay them side by side. That is the approximate size of the convention hall. Add soft harp music and you have "Crafter Heaven."

In a couple of days, we'll present our Valentine Card of the Moment #5, the ever-practical Valentine Coupon Book. We are half-way through our series of all TEN of the Valentine cards in our new e-book, Ten Vintage Valentine Cards to Make. Thank you for purchasing our e-book - and for the wonderful comments and suggestions that come in every day!

In another week, we'll be telling you about a new enterprise from the talented designer, Anna Corba. Care to spend a week in southern France for a personal workshop with the master of beeswax??

Countdown to Valentine's Day!

Scott & Martin

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