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Crafting With a Vintage Look, Issue #006 - A truly original Halloween Tree!
September 17, 2008

Issue #006 - Last month, we debuted three original (and three-dimensional) Halloween cards for you, based on classic Victorian vintage images. Well, the Victorians invented both Halloween cards AND Halloween ornaments. We took inspiration from some authentic period ornaments and adapted three designs you can make for your... (cue the music) NEW HALLOWEEN TREE!

Just below, you'll find:

  • Three handmade Halloween Ornaments that couldn't be easier to "conjure up" from simple materials.
  • A humdinger of a Halloween Tree to hang them on. One inexpensive plastic trick-or-treat pail becomes the mold for a hand-painted Plaster of Paris tree stand you can make yourself.
  • Reviews of two VERY SPECIAL crafting blogs, and a tour through Sandra Evertson's latest book, Fanciful Paper Projects.

We want to start by saying "thank you" for visiting VintageImageCraft and subscribing to our e-newsletter. And thank you too, if you have checked out our Vintage Auctions on eBay. We are excited when we can make original items available.

On to the crafts...

Halloween Ornaments of Yesteryear

Inspired by actual ornaments from the turn of the 20th century, these Halloween dangles are fun and easy to make - and are great gifts.

Halloween pumpkin ornament photoHalloween Pumpkin Ornament

Halloween clown ornament photoHalloween Clown Ornament

Halloween witch ornament photo

Halloween Witch Ornament

Just a reminder: your vintage Halloween ornament collection should also include at least a couple of Halloween Chenille Figures, and they are so easy to make.

We made a tidy pile of these ornaments and then hung them in various places around the house. Spread out like that, they seemed so - lonely. "We should hang them all together," Martin said, "like on a very, very dead tree." The next Saturday morning we were out searching for the perfect Halloween Tree.

One dead branch looks pretty much like another, until you get into it. We finally found a mummified branch with the perfect, haunted look. But it needed a really cool stand. The next thing I knew, we were putting together our next craft for you - and it is a great one.

Haunted Halloween Tree

Halloween Tree with a Jack O'Lantern Stand

This Halloween Tree design is a VintageImageCraft original, and you are the first to see it - and hopefully, make one for yourself. Unlike the ornaments, this is a project for the seasoned crafter. You'll be making a mold, casting Plaster of Paris, and using decorative paint techniques (like "fly specks"). But the end result is a Halloween Tree that will have your family gathering around and singing Halloween Carols year after year.

If the link above doesn't work for you, type into your browser:

As always - you are family so we can ask you. If you see any typos or dumb stuff in our craft instructions, or have any comments or questions, please contact us.

Inspiring Blogs 'n Books

This month in Crafting With a Vintage Look, we have two incredible craft blogs to visit and a review of a very special book for vintage craft lovers:

  • Do you ever wander through an antique store and feel, "If I had a store, THIS would be it?" That's the kind of blog Priscila has put together for those of us who love nostalgic treasures and ephemera. From Victoriana to 60s kitsch, she has an eye for classic design - with stories, information and links to keep you busy for hours. Drop by and drop her a note of thanks at Casa Bella Chic.

  • Nancy Ward sent us a short, polite note: Could she write about Vintage Image Craft in her blog? Sure, we said ("Could she be THE Nancy Ward...?"). Indeed she is. The author of Fabric Painting Made Easy, published by Chilton, Stamping Made Easy and The Complete Guide To Glues & Adhesives, both published by Krause, is a blogger. Crafter, quilter, teacher, author; Nancy is a true expert. Her blog contains a wealth of tutorials, ideas, templates, challenges - and even Michael's coupons! This will be a regular source of inspiration for you. Visit Nancy at Paper Friendly.

A Wonderful Book for Paper Crafters

When you feel your crafts and scrapbooks are a bit prosaic, it is time to immerse yourself in some crafting poetry. Sandra Evertson is a poet with paper, and her book, Fanciful Paper Projects (2005, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.) is a joy. She calls her projects "posh little follies," but these 18 works of art are studies in the creative use of vintage papers and images - and storytelling. The photos are beautiful, with simple instructions for recreating each piece as well as printed versions of all of the specialty papers, vintage images and ephemera Sandra used. It's like a crafting course with the supplies included!

Next issue:

Our October issue of Crafting With a Vintage Look will look back at the Thanksgiving images of a century ago. We'll have craft and decorating ideas that reflect the spirit of the holiday. And then - AHHH! Christmas is coming! Look for some incredible Christmas card crafts.

We love reading and answering mail. Please drop us a note through our contact page. If you have a Christmas craft you've always loved or always wanted to try, this is the time to tell us about it.

Until then, keep crafting!

Scott & Martin

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