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Crafting With a Vintage Look, Issue #009 - FREE Christmas card project
December 06, 2008

Issue #009 - Our 2008 Christmas cards are almost ready to put in the mail - just a few more notes to write. For the first time in years, we made our own cards, and they turned out so good we want to share the project with you in this newsletter. If you are a really fast worker, you might make a batch and have them in the mail before we do!

As promised, we are sending you several Special Christmas Editions of Crafting With a Vintage Look this month. This issue has these holiday treats:

  • A very insider view into our 2008 Christmas cards, with everything you need to make your own vintage-look cards.
  • An invitation to browse our new Vintage Image Download Gallery.
  • A review of a delightful crafting blog that will make you forget all about the economy for a while.

If you've visited our vintage image eBay auctions this week, you have seen the beautiful 1914 Fantasy Flower postcards illustrated by M. Dulk we are auctioning. They are remarkable!

On to the crafts...

Vintage Christmas Cards

We have tried to hand-make our Christmas cards in the past, but as our mailing list grew our ambition shrunk. Not this year! When we saw this beautiful 1913 illustration by Samuel L. Schmucker (among Martin's mother's post card collection), we decided to get into the card business again. Okay, so we took a little shortcut with blank embossed panel cards. So can you.

These cards were so easy and turned out so beautiful, we'd like to show you how to whip up your own in a twinkling. All of the instructions and a FREE download of the original vintage image can be found at Vintage Christmas Card.

Let us know what you think!

If the link above doesn't work for you, type into your browser: html

Vintage Image Download Gallery is...


(From Driving Mr. Claus II image book)

Now, for your crafting and scrapbooking: Large, high-quality images in high resolution. Vivid colors and detail. Unusual and whimsical illustrations from those imaginative Victorians. Easy and secure PayPal payment and simple one-step downloading.

Our goal is to create the "picture perfect" image resource for your crafts, scrapbook and altered art projects. We are proud to invite you to browse our first offerings of our Vintage Image Download Gallery.

If the link above doesn't work for you, type into your browser:

Inspiring Blogs 'n Books

Today in Crafting With a Vintage Look, we drop in on one of our "frugal" crafting friends who seems to live a 29-hour day:

  • Skim through Lindsay Weirich's energetic crafting blog and you'll wonder when she sleeps. Every day she seems to discover interesting sites to describe, freebies and downloads to offer, and nicely photographed cards and crafts. And she loves vintage images like we do. Recently, she was featured in Ready-Set-Create and Always funny and enthusiastic, Lindsay is my daily antidote to reading the economic news these days. Visit her at The Frugal Crafter.

Next issue:

Hand-making our cards this year was really fun - and it felt like Christmas. Crafting can be comforting, empowering, and surprisingly positive in the final cost/benefit analysis. We hope you'll take some time with those you love this season to make something.

Don't forget your FREE collage sheet PDF download from the last issue:

Download PDF: Christmas Children Collage Sheet

Our next issues of Crafting With A Vintage Look will bring more Christmas surprises, including some antique-inspired ornaments!

'Tis the season to craft...

Scott & Martin

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