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Crafting With a Vintage Look, Issue #030 - Make this Black Cat Figure and catch our NEW e-book!
October 01, 2009

Issue #030 - We don't know why, but we went BLACK CAT CRAZY this Halloween. Our three new Halloween Image Books feature black cats, and several classic black cats appear in our new e-book, Ten Vintage Halloween Greetings to Make.

So, who would guess that this Special Halloween Edition of Crafting With a Vintage Look would feature:

  • An exclusive Black Cat Figure craft! Cute as a button and easy to make with foamcore and FREE vintage images.
  • Our NEW crafting e-book, Ten Vintage Halloween Greetings to Make is AVAILABLE NOW with an extended discount!
  • Don't forget to download our FREE sampler, Black Cats I Collage Sheet.
  • Get a gander at Sal's Halloween tussy mussy!

Let's get crafting...

A Black Cat Under the Halloween Moon
A Simple Stand-up Craft

The ruffled black cat arches his back by the light of a smiling Halloween moon. In classic Victorian style, this is a paper stand-up scene that great-great-Grandma would have treasured.

The glitter on the moon, and yellow glitter eyes on the cat give this three-dimensional display a professional sheen. Who knew it could be so easy to make yourself?

You'll be surprised by the simple instructions. There are just a few supplies and the skill level is basic. But with these FREE vintage images - you can create something magical.

The FREE vintage image PDF download for our exclusive Vintage Black Cat Figure craft is waiting for you at VintageImageCraft. See the complete instructions at:

Vintage Black Cat Figure

Write us a note if you have any questions or suggestions.

If the craft link above doesn't work for you, type into your browser:

Ten Vintage Halloween Greetings to Make
Extended Subscriber Discount!

You can make your own unique and dazzling Halloween cards, based on vintage images from bygone days!

Ten Vintage Halloween Greetings to Make has everything you need to create beautiful vintage-look greeting cards - with professional results the easy way. Entirely NEW, this is the first e-book of our series, "Cards with a Past." Each e-book is published in a convenient, high-quality PDF file format. You download it to your computer, for reading or printing. The vintage images included are high-resolution, in pre-sized format, ready to print at a copy center or on your home ink-jet printer!

34 pages of easy card-making magic. The emphasis is on easy, using simple materials and things you probably have 'on hand.'

10 exclusive Halloween card designs by Master-Cardist Martin Bray, using techniques like window cards, pop up cards, paper tole, yarn applique, "shaker" cards, and vellum overlays.

Detailed, illustrated instructions that demonstrate step-by-step how to create each card - well, you know from our website how we do that.

11 pages of restored, pre-sized vintage images to download and print - with tips on how to get professional results on your home ink-jet printer.

Information on papers, materials, supplies, tools and techniques, including personalizing and envelope-making.

A quick download of this e-book and its 11 pages of restored vintage images is now available for $8.99 - if you just stumble across it at Vintage Image Craft.

BUT... we had so many excited responses since the last newsletter, we decided to extend the Subscriber Discount for one more week. If you purchase within the next seven (7) days - you can get $2.00 off the regular price.

The catch? You have to promise to tell us what you think of the book, so we can make a really fantastic edition for Christmas. And if you are not satisfied - we have a Money Back Guarantee!

Just go to


Click on the "Add to Cart" button, and when you complete your purchase with PayPal, type in the secret subscriber discount code:


That's all there is to it -- 1-2-3 -- click on the e-book link above, scroll down and click on "Add to Cart," and enter the $2.00 discount code of "subscribers" into PayPal.

You'll quickly receive an email with the download link, and you are one click away from creating some of the most unique vintage-look Halloween cards this season!

So far the early reviews are raves:

"The images are simply wonderful!" Suzanne

"I fell in love with the designs and plan to make good use of them." MaryAnn

"I'm going to get started making Halloween cards this weekend. I've already printed the book and it is GREAT!" Sally

Join the happy card-making crowd!

If the e-book link above doesn't work for you, type into your browser:


Sal's Tussy MussyThis will catch Sal by surprise! She has been sending us photos and great step-by-step descriptions of her latest tussy mussys and Halloween tags. She's becoming a real expert at Corel Paint Shop Pro!

But the photo we want to share with you today is her adorable Halloween tussy mussy, with the vintage paper clown and classic adornment. Doesn't she have a flair for vintage patterns and colors?

Way to go, Sal!

We've been thinking about adding a new section to, where crafters like you and Sal can post photos and project descriptions. Is this interesting to you?

I can tell you, if the volume of photos and email we receive every week is any indication - you love sharing your finest work with others. Please send us a note and let us know if a "photo forum" might be fun for you.

Next issue:

The big mystery is - can we get another issue of Crafting With a Vintage Look out to you by e-mail before Halloween? Well, if not a full issue, then perhaps a special FREE Halloween image to download...

In the meantime, don't forget to download your FREE collage sheet sampler of large images from our newest Halloween image books we call Black Cats I

Just click below to download a PDF file of this one-page collage sheet, Black Cats I:

Download PDF: Black Cats I

And waiting in the wings (or "with the wings") is our favorite Thanksgiving spokes-bird, the turkey! Let's see what crafts we can come up with for you featuring our dear edible friend.

AHHHHH! Everyone is asking about Christmas! You should be too busy taking down your Labor Day decorations, like we are.

Honestly, we love your questions, suggestions and conversations, so send us a note.

Halloween is still coming - still plenty of time to make cards!

Scott & Martin

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