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The VIC Pictorial: 4th of July FREE vintage image
July 02, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Special Edition for
Friday, July 2, 2010

When the United States joined the escalating European war in 1917, American patriotism was running high. The US had a small army, but, with the passage of the Selective Service Act, four million men were drafted and by the summer of 1918 the US was sending 10,000 soldiers to France every day. This changed everything for our European allies.

This 1918 vintage photo shows a young boy in WWI uniform, proudly holding his new 48-star American flag, since Arizona and New Mexico had just joined the union in 1912.

Have a proud and happy 4th of July!

Patriotic boy with flag, circa 1917

Download a FREE enlargement: Click on the link below, and you will open a download window where you can choose to open or save the image!

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George Washington Crossing the Delaware
Authentic Maud Humphrey Illustrations on Auction

Maude Humphrey illustration of George WashingtonMaud Humphrey (1868-1940) was an artist famous for her charming illustrations of children for books, calendars, postcards and advertisements. And also for being the mother of Humphrey Bogart!

In 1901, she created a calendar with 12 illustrations of children enacting great moments from the American Revolution. Here, you see Washington crossing the Delaware, in a wash tub.

We are auctioning an original copy of this rare calendar on eBay this week! CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL OF THE IMAGES!

Show Your VIC Badge

VIC badge imageBlog much? Then you know all about those little, colorful ads called "badges." This is how bloggers promote their favorite websites and blogs. Well - we've created a badge for! Here it is in a handy 150px x 150px size, ruled by our patron Queen, Victoria.

To display the VIC badge on your blog or website, just copy the following HTML code and place it onto your page!

<a href=""><img border="0" src="" WIDTH="150" HEIGHT="150" alt=" for Victorian vintage images and ephemera."></a>

Next issue

In the next The VIC Pictorial, we'll be announcing our next VIC Creative Challenge for August 2010. Get ready for a Christmas theme! Our panel of celebrity judges, Roni Johnson, Justine Frederick, Roberta Feige, and the usual gang of clowns will be coming up with a doozie! Doosey? Doozy?

Participate in the Grand Opening of our new VIC Store. Watch for a special Subscriber Sale and Giveaway!

Have a safe and celebratory 4th of July!

Scott & Martin
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