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The VIC Pictorial: Craft this Vintage Tag Christmas Card with FREE images
December 07, 2010

Issue #69 - Nursing sore fingers, bandaging paper cuts and scrubbing the glue off our tongues, we have just finished mailing 100 hand-made Christmas cards. Just kidding . It was a breeze this year. We designed a simple but classy card for 2010 - and we're sharing it with you in this Special Christmas Edition of The Vic Pictorial!

We're stuffing this issue with Christmas goodies:

  • Wish your friends "Scrappy Holidays" with our Victorian Tag Christmas Card (FREE downloadables!).
  • Shhhh! Exclusive subscriber discount!
  • Download this authentic FREE Victorian scrap and make something festive.
  • The story of the VERY FIRST Christmas card.
  • A visit with Michael Strong and his vintage card class.
Let's get crafting...

Wish Your Friends
"Scrappy Holidays"
with this Hand-made Card

Vintage Tag Christmas Card photo

'Twas the month before Christmas
And we'd just bought a house.
All our craft stuff was packed up -
"Our Holiday card-making! Up it will louse!"

So we got creative. We scrounged until we found some empty manila file folders. And the grommet setter and some scissors. We bought some hemp string and a silver paint pen. We were in business again! A day later, we had 100 of these little cards assembled, addressed and in the mail.

You too can make these "scrappy" little Christmas cards for your scrappy "tag-along" friends. We provide all the artwork: a page of six Victorian shop tag designs and two card templates!

Click here for the website page with the FREE downloads and full instructions:

If the link above doesn't work for you, type into your browser:

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Ten Vintage Christmas Greetings to Make cover photoOur Christmas card-making e-Book is flying off the shelves. "Ten Vintage Christmas Greetings to Make" has everything you need to make classy Vintage-inspired Christmas cards that will amaze your crafty friends.

Each of the ten cards is unique and exclusive to VIC. We provide step-by-step illustrated instructions, and beautiful ready-to-print vintage images! All in an easy to download and print PDF format.

For the next few weeks, we are offering you a special discount of 30% off the $8.99 retail price. But only until December 24.

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A Classic Victorian Scrap
to Download

Here is a FREE 1890s Christmas "scrap" image to wish you a wonderful start to the Holiday Season!

Christmas scrap thumbnail


This image is in PNG format, which is much like a JPG image but it has a transparent background. You can layer it on top of another image, or print it on paper, labels, decals, transparencies, fabric, tattoos,  billboards, bus benches, x-rays, or the artistic medium of your choice!
We printed this note about "scraps" inside our Vintage Tag Christmas Cards:

This is a Victorian scrap from the 1890s. Scrapping became a favored pastime of women early in the 19th century. They would scour magazines and advertisements for small black and white illustrations, cut them out, often hand-color them, and paste them in albums and journals. By the 1820's, printers began to produce materials just for scrapping, and scraps soon became more elaborate with embossing, color printing and gilding, and finally die-cutting. By the end of Queen Victoria's reign in 1901, Victorians were scrap-happy and decorating everything from gift tags to furniture with these little cut-out pictures.

Merry Christmas!

The VERY FIRST Christmas Card

As they say, there is a first time for everything. The year 1843 marks the first documented commercial Christmas card! The idea came from Sir Henry Cole, the first director of the Victoria and Albert Museum. He enlisted British painter John Callcott Horsely (1817-1903) to design the cards, a prominent London lithographer to print them, and a professional 'colourer' to hand-color each one. The original edition of 1,000 cards went on sale in London at a cost of 1 shilling each.

First Christmas card in 1843
The cards were 5 1/8" x 3 1/4", with artwork depicting a merry family party flanked by acts of charity. An original copy of this card is very rare (only 10 are known), but it was reproduced in 1881 and then again in 1955.

Michael Strong Goes Vintage with VIC

Michael Strong card class photoMichael Strong is known internationally for his distinctive rubber stamp designs and his engaging workshops. We were honored when he asked to use several VIC vintage images for one of his Southern California classes.

The theme for the class was Halloween, and the lucky participants carried home several vintage-inspired cards, all designed by Michael. We can honestly say, one reason we would move back to Southern California would be to take more classes with Michael.  

Next Issue

Christmas always presents too many wonderful, crafty things to squeeze into one issue of The VIC Pictorial. So, we will send you several Special Editions for your crafting enjoyment!

Did you know that gingerbread was one of the original babyfoods? It could be softened in milk, or left to dry as a teething biscuit. Today it is one of the staples of the holiday menu.

We promise you a recipe for Pumpkin Gingerbread Bars that you will love. Oh so simple. So healthy. So delicious.

And we have some vintage gingerbread images to share! Are you gleaning the theme of our next issue?

Scott & Martin

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