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The VIC Pictorial: Make this Queen of Hearts Valentine card and paper doll!
January 19, 2011

Issue #72 - This Valentine's Day edition of The VIC Pictorial is all about a special pairing. Dearly beloved, we are proud to present the blessed marriage of Valentine's Day and paper dolls.

We hit on this match made in heaven by reading Terry Taylor's wonderful book, Artful Paper Dolls. The paper doll craze has been long-lived. In 1857, the McLoughlin Brothers of New York became the first mass publishers of paper dolls in America. Many illustrious publishers were soon to follow, and paper dolls were big business for more than 100 years.

Grab your scissors, because you have your work cut out for you:

  • A FREE vintage image of the 1927 Dolly Dingle's Valentine paper dolls!
  • Clip Art: Our Queen of Hearts Valentine Card, easy to make and fun to give. Will the real Queen of Hearts please stand up??
  • Get playful with Terry Taylor's Artful Paper Dolls.
  • Romance Times Ten! Make these vintage Valentine greeting cards with us - SPECIAL SALE for subscribers!
Let's get crafting...

FREE Dolly Dingle's Valentine
1927 Paper Dolls

Dolly Dingle valentine 1927, Vintage Image Craft


If that link doesn't work for you (it is a very large file of 1.9MB, so it might take a minute or two), you can try this alternate link:

Dolly Dingle was one of Grace Drayton's most endearing and enduring creations, next to the Campbell's Soup kids. Drayton created Dolly in 1913 for the popular magazine, Pictorial Review. Over the next 20 years, she would illustrate more than 200 paper dolls in the Dolly Dingle series. Her artwork took Dolly and her friends around the world, through two World Wars, and brought them together for every holiday - like Valentine's Day! You can read a lovely history of Grace Drayton's work at

The Queen of Hearts
Dresses Up Our New
Valentine Card!

Queen of Hearts Valentine Card from Vintage Image Craft

Happy Valentine's Day from the Queen of Hearts, herself! Here she is, fashioned as a jointed, Victorian paper doll. Much of her comes from a vintage deck of cards, but we added Victorian puffed sleeves, bloomers and a medieval crown. Her heart-shaped skirt is clipped from the 18th Century nursery rhyme, "The Queen of Hearts she baked some tarts..."

All you need to make this jaunty card is some red cardstock, scissors, grommets, and our FREE templates and images. We think this is a royal charmer.

Click here for the website page with the FREE downloads and full instructions:

If the link above doesn't work for you, type into your browser:

The Queen of Hearts

Not Just Another Pretty Face Card

So who was the real Queen of Hearts? For that matter, who were all of the royal images we know so well in a deck of cards?

Queen of Hearts design by Pierre Marechal, 1567The medieval-looking monarchs we know as the "face cards" can be traced back to a single historic deck of cards, now preserved in a museum in Rouen, France. The design for these cards, known as the Rouen Pattern, was the work of Pierre Maréchal in 1567.

Maréchal created all of the familiar poses, along with the traditional symbols of office, the spears, scepters, flowers and swords. The dress is distinctly medieval with Tudor touches, such as the Queens' headgear.

Were they modeled on any specific historic figures? No, not really, although later cards were produced with the likenesses of ruling monarchs, both reverential and ridiculing. That's the risk of being famous.

Inspiring Books 'n Blogs

Artful Paper Dolls by Terry Taylor, Vintage Image CraftArtful Paper Dolls by Terry Taylor is an inspiring craft book, history book, and a bit of a personal memoir. Taylor was smitten with paper dolls at an early age, and they continue to feed his creative life. In this beautifully designed book, he has curated contemporary paper doll interpretations by 23 exciting artists.

These eclectic projects redefine paper dolls as figures, puppets, altered books, scrapbooks, cards, collages, shadow boxes, and more. Each project is displayed from all angles and includes a simplified step by step description of the artist's construction process.

Our Queen of Hearts Valentine Card craft was inspired by bits and pieces from several of the works in this book. You too may find inspiration in these adult variations on a childhood toy. You can find Artful Paper Dolls at and many major craft stores.

Exclusive Sale for Subscribers! That's You!

Ten Vintage Valentine Greetings to Make cover photo, Vintage Image CraftOur Valentine card-making e-Book is flying off the shelves. "Ten Vintage Valentine Greetings to Make" has everything you need to make classy Vintage-inspired Valentine cards that will amaze your crafty friends.

Each of the ten cards is unique and exclusive to VIC. We provide step-by-step illustrated instructions, and beautiful ready-to-print vintage images! All in an easy to download and print PDF format.

For the next few weeks, we are offering you a special discount of 30% off the $8.99 retail price. But only until February 14.

Take advantage of this limited offer. To get your 30% discount, enter this code during checkout:

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Next Issue

Valentine's Day is so close, you can blow a kiss to it. We plan to send you pictures and descriptions of our Ten Vintage Valentine Greetings one at a time, before the big day.

Martin got it in his head to create a Valentine gift bag. It has all of the charm of a crocheted Victorian clutch, and all of the expense of a brown paper bag. He's working like a dog and should have it done in a couple of days. You'll get all of the instructions and vintage images, including a vintage gift tag!

Craft & Hobby Association convention, Vintage Image CraftWe are heading to Los Angeles next week for the Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) Conference and Trade Show. We'll be hob-nobbing with fellow wizards like Michael Strong of Strong Stamps, Cherryl Greene, Judi Watanabe of Judikins, Marie Browning, Barbara Trombley of Art Institute Glitter, and anyone we can track down and corner. If YOU will be there, please drop us a note, and perhaps we can get together!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Scott & Martin

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