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The VIC Pictorial: Stealing Hearts this Valentine's Day??
February 13, 2011

#74 - Happy Valentine's Day from Vintage Image Craft! The VIC Pictorial normally arrives in your inbox on the 20th of each month. Sometimes, when a holiday is in full bloom, a Special Edition is called for. Like today!

  • A FREE Valentine vintage image of the 1922 sheet music, Stealing Hearts.
  • Is the devil in the details? Vintage designer Lisa Pace proves there can be an angel in the details, if you know how.
  • Here's an idea: mail a quilt to a friend!
Let's get crafting...

FREE Vintage Sheet Music
Stealing Hearts from 1922

Stealing Hearts Cover 1922, Vintage Image Craft


If that link doesn't work for you (it is a very large file of 2MB, so it might take a minute or two), you can try this alternate link:

From 1885 through the 1930s, Tin Pan Alley was the heart of America's popular music scene. This Manhattan district was home to most of the music publishers, and the cacophony of song writers plugging their latest "hits" echoed down the streets - like the sound of crashing tin pans. This forgotten 1922 song by Billy Bernard and Eddie Kamnetz, Stealing Hearts, is a perfect example of Tin Pan Alley's wares. Has cupid ever been so adorably threatening?

Inspiring Books 'n Blogs

Delight in the Details by Lisa Pace, Vintage Image CraftDelight was an understatement when we discovered Delight in the Details by Lisa M. Pace. If you like the vintage look and you want to learn from a master, this is a book to treasure. In a way, we loved the book because it was so apparent that Lisa loved writing it. She pulls out her full portfolio of techniques, presenting clear instructions for using paints and inks, patterns and textures, dimensional embellishments, and something she calls "sparkle and shine." We guarantee you will find something you love, something you want to make or something surprising on every page. We especially like her layering of papers with fabrics to create rich textures. And she shows us at least a couple of dozen tricks for using old pages from books or sheet music.

Lisa Pace at CHA 2011, Vintage Image CraftWe met up with Lisa Pace at the Craft & Hobby Association Convention in Los Angeles last month. She was busy offering instruction at the Maya Road booth, but she took generous time to talk. Surprise! She was as delightful as her book.

You can find Delight in the Details at, and an autographed original at Lisa's website, It's in the Details!

Mail a Quilt to a Friend

When we moved to Bellingham, Washington, last fall, we sent out "change of address" cards with a photo of our house. Weren't we surprised when we received a card back in the mail, with a small, fabric facsimile of our house! Our friend Pat, a master quilter, copied the image of our house and created this 4" x 6" abstract version.
Pat's quilt card, Vintage Image Craft

She chose patterned fabrics from among her scraps, ironed on fusible web and thin batting, and cut out the design. Once it was assembled on the card, she ironed again to adhere it to the card, and then machine-stitched around the shapes with various zig zags and decorative stitching.

Isn't this a great idea for when you need a personal "Congratulations on Your New Home," or "Welcome to the Neighborhood" card? You can use fabric, as Pat did, or paper scraps and glue.  It's art! It's a card! Suitable for framing!

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Next Issue

For a last-minute Valentine card for your sweetie, don't forget our easy-to-make Queen of Hearts Valentine Card. If this link doesn't work for you, type into your browser:

But wait! Do you hear an Irish tenor singing "O Danny Boy" with a plaintive lilt? Are you starting to dig out the green glitter? Could that be St. Patrick's Day, just over that green hill of shamrocks?

Martin is working on the cutest St. Patrick's Day Puzzle Blocks. Perfect for your little table-top "Made in Ireland" display. Right next to the corned beef and cabbage. We'll have a full photographic layout and FREE Irish images for you in the next issue!

Craft & Hobby Association, Vintage Image CraftAnd we'll have some more "celebrity crafter" visits from our Craft & Hobby Association convention experience. It was overwhelming. Acres and acres of booths filled with the latest materials, supplies, tools, paper, glitter, glue, ink, paint - and ideas.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Scott & Martin

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