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The VIC Pictorial: St Patrick's Day Puzzle Blocks and more!
March 02, 2011

Issue #75 - Happy St. Patrick's Day from Vintage Image Craft!  Today's VIC Pictorial is brimmin' over with Irish crafts, which got us reminiscing over our visit to Ireland about 10 years ago. Martin's last name is Bray, so we made a special stop in the seaside town of Bray, just south of Dublin. We found a phone book, and checked to see how many Brays were living in Bray. Just one, it seemed. Martin. And he was only there for the day. They should have given him the key to the city!

For all our Irish friends of every nationality:

  • Aren't you lucky? Decorate with St. Patrick's Puzzle Blocks and have six decorations in one!
  • Here's a FREE St. Patrick's Day vintage image for your "craftin' o' the green".
  • A visit with the "Glitter Queen," Barbara Trombley - and a glittered St. Patrick's Day card to make.
  • Sterling Publications Joins the VIC Creative Challenge for Spring 2011!
Let's get crafting...

St. Patrick's Puzzle Blocks
A Craft with Six Variations!

St Patricks Puzzle Blocks from Vintage Image Craft

Wooden puzzle blocks were very popular toys for Victorian children. With one puzzle, six different pictures could be assembled. We gave this toy an Irish spin and created this St. Patrick's Puzzle Blocks craft for you.

This is another of our "three ingredient" crafts: 2" wood blocks, decoupage medium, and our FREE vintage images (all sized and ready for printing). You probably have the other necessary tools and supplies on hand.

Click here for the website page with the FREE downloads and full instructions:

If the link above doesn't work for you, type into your browser:

FREE St. Patrick's Day Vintage Image

St Patricks Puzzle Blocks image 1, Vintage Image Craft


If that link doesn't work for you (it is a very large file of 1.1MB, so it might take a minute or two), you can try this alternate link:

"Erin go Bragh" is an approximation of the old Irish phrase Éirinn go Brách or Ireland forever. Sometime in the 1780s, nationalist groups in Ireland adopted phrases like this to proclaim Irish identity. This charming St. Patrick's Day greeting card was mailed in New York in 1911.

Inspiring Books 'n Blogs

Glitter Artistry by Barbara Trombley, Vintage Image CraftGlitter Artistry by Barbara Trombley is glitter-lover's paradise. Barbara is known as the "Glitter Queen" and her book justifies her title. Her "glitter lace" technique alone is worth tracking down a copy. You press a scrap of lace onto adhesive paper, sprinkle it with glitter, remove the lace, and sprinkle again with contrasting glitter. The result is a shimmering reproduction of the lace pattern that will have friends asking, "How did you do that?"

Barbara Trombley at CHA 2011, Vintage Image CraftWe caught up with Barbara at the Craft & Hobby Association Convention in LA, and saw some of her latest innovations - and the giant glittered butterfly Barbara created. We saw her newest line of glitter, called Dazzlers. These are unusually large shapes and flakes, in rich colors. Visit Barbara at to experience the full spectrum!

In Barbara's honor, we designed a St. Patrick's Day card using her "glitter lace" technique. You can do it too:

(1) Cut and fold your cardstock (we used light green). (2) Cut a piece of double-sided adhesive paper slightly smaller than the front of your card and stick it in the center. (3) Size and trim your vintage image to allow an even border around it, and stick it in the center. (4) Press strips of lace trim onto the adhesive paper around the image. (5) Sprinkle on ultra-fine glitter in a dark, opaque color (we used gold), and tap off the excess. (6) Remove the lace, and sprinkle on ultra-fine glitter in a light, transparent color (we used silver), and tap off the excess. (7) Spray with a light fixative, if you wish!

Need a great image from old Ireland? Check out our St. Patrick's Day vintage image book from The VIC Store!

Thank you, Barbara! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

St Patrick's Card image, Vintage Image Craft

Sterling Publications Joins
the VIC Creative Challenge!

A big VIC thank you to Nicole McConville at Sterling Publishing! Sterling Publishing and Lark Crafts is sponsoring our next series of VIC Creative Challenges by providing some of their best titles as prizes. Winners will receive new copies of Artful Paper Dolls and The Artful Storybook, both by Terry Taylor, Paper Cuts by Taylor Haggerty, and Scraps by Elsebeth Gynther and Christine Clemmensen. These are some of the most unique new crafting books for vintage lovers. Look for announcement of our Spring Creative Challenge in The VIC Pictorial and on our VIC Facebook page.

Next Issue

What is that "hippity hoppity" sound in the distance? Could it be - THE EASTER BUNNY? We have some crafts that will make your nose twitch and your ears quiver. Martin is working on a very "old masters" Easter decoration using an artist's canvas. He also keeps talking about a unique bookmark that he swears is perfect for Easter.

We'll be announcing our Spring Creative Challenge, too! Armed with some great prizes form Sterling Publications and Lark Crafts, we'll be asking you to submit your craft photos and descriptions!

And we'll have some more "celebrity crafter" visits from our Craft & Hobby Association convention experience.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Scott & Martin

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