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The VIC Pictorial: REVEALED!! The NEW Vintage Image Craft!!
April 01, 2011

Issue #76 - Vintage Image Craft is proud to announce our updated philosophy of crafting! Classic Victorian images are musty, dusty, out, passŤ! We've finally come to our senses and chosen a new "vintage." Somewhere around 1970.

Here's just a glimpse of our
NEW line of crafts for 2011!

Bad crafts from 1970 in Vintage Image Craft

See? You can make practically anything out of jars, toilet paper tubes, tin cans and paper mache! And it all comes out so tastefully!

We know you'll love the NEW Vintage Image Craft!

Okay, we can't keep a straight face any longer. April Fools!

We have a collection of some of the WORST craft books and magazines from the 1960s and 70s. Sometimes we get them out just to look at the horrible pictures and wonder - were we all color-blind back then? Our favorites are manger scenes made out of bottle caps, Styrofoam Christmas trees covered with pretzels, and anything made out of Q-Tips.

If you have a favorite "scary" craft from the past, we'd love to see it. Just send a photo file to by return e-mail! You may make it into our crafting "Hall of Shame" next April Fools Day.

Vintage is here to stay and Easter is on its way!!

Scott & Martin

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