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The VIC Pictorial: Mother's Day in Vintage Style
May 06, 2011

Issue #77 - Happy Mother's Day from Vintage Image Craft! This is the day we honor the women who forced us to eat our vegetables, and like them. Mother's Day entered the pantheon of holidays in 1914, when the U.S. government designated the second Sunday in May as a day of tribute for mothers everywhere. Imagine, a holiday of cards and gifts a full decade before Hallmark even existed!

For the mothers in your life, we give you:

  • A FREE Mother's Day Image that special vintage card you've been planning.
  • Mother's Day Crafts and cards you can make in a day.
  • Browse the famed Seattle Antiques Market with us.
Let's get crafting...

FREE Mother's Day Vintage Image

Free Mother's Day Image 2011, Vintage Image Craft


If that link doesn't work for you (it is a very large file of 1.1MB, so it might take a minute or two), you can try this alternate link:

Sentiments about mothers ran heavy and deep during Victoria's reign. Tear-stained songs were written about those noble gray-haired women. American artist James Whistler immortalized his mother in oil in 1871. And greeting card companies turned out small, framed poems for millions of mothers to display on their sideboards. This late-1800s image is a perfect example of those.

Last Minute Mother's Day Crafts

Mother's Day Card, Vintage Image CraftOur exclusive Mother's Day Card and matching Teacup Pincushion are a double-whammy for Mammy. They use the same images and some of the same materials. All you need are an old teacup, scrap cloth, and some trimmings. Last week, one of our neighbors spotted this craft on Vintage Image Craft and asked Martin to lead a crafting circle for her Girl Scout group. Fortunately, we stumbled on a trove of teacups at a local garage sale!

Flower Pot, Vintage Image CraftAn old flower pot, vintage flower images and a tub of decoupage medium can be the start of our Vintage Flower Pots. These are perfect for a small pot of spring flowers while they wait to be planted in the garden. The artful part of these pots is the faux-patina you create for the look of weathered copper!

Vintage Cake Pan, Vintage Image Craft
In a baking mood? We've received many comments about this Vintage Cake Pan craft. Actually, most of the comments were about the classic Victorian recipe we include for Lemon-Coriander Seed Cake. The fancy covered pan you decorate with the recipe card is a bonus, but frankly, you could serve this delicious tea cake in a boot and it would still be wonderful.

Visit these crafts, print out the FREE vintage images with each craft, and make something your mother will be proud of!

A Visit to the Seattle Antiques Market

Seattle Antiques Market, Vintage Image CraftMartin and I took a trip down to Seattle during a break from the winter rain.  We had a short list of required stops: Pike's Market, The Space Needle, and the legendary Seattle Antiques Market. If only we could have had you along with us.

Seattle Antiques Market, Vintage Image CraftThe Seattle Antiques Market is a rambling, water-side warehouse, packed to the gills with treasures from past centuries. Typical? Hardly. First, the array of goods is the best quality, from paper to massive furniture. Second, it is clean and organized. Dustless, even. Seattle Antiques Market, Vintage Image CraftThird, there are true bargains to be found with the usual discrete digging. Being paper fiends, Scott discovered our patron saint, Queen Victoria, in a pristine label from 1901. Martin hit more royalty with his Princess fruit crate label. Along the way, we almost bought a 300 lb. dining room sideboard, but we talked ourselves out of it. For now.

When you want to give your mother an antiquing treat (like a clean antique store), pack her off for a Seattle adventure. She may buy you a sideboard.

Next Issue - and a look back

Keep visiting and sharing the VIC Facebook page. We'll soon be announcing our Spring Creative Challenge. I know, we said that in our last issue and still - no challenge. Well, these things are put together very delicately. And slowly, it seems. We have amassed some wonderful prizes. May we blame the rain? That's what the rest of the Pacific Northwest does.

By the way, we got the BEST responses from our April Fool's Day edition of the VIC Pictorial. Completely fooled (for a moment) were Mandi ("the first thing I thought of was macrame!"), Melissa ("I'm sorry,  I almost peed my pants!!!"), Wendy ("Not fair!! I was panicking for a few moments there.  Youíre one of my main resources for pictures and ideas!  I canít get the macaroni out again!"), Sal ("Come 'ere so I can smack you in the head!!!!"), Roni ("WHEW ~ TGI April Fools Day!!"), Cheri ("Great joke!  You totally got me!"), Ann ("You guys are just toooooooooo funny!!!"), Lindsay ("Ha ha love the joke. As for bad crafts the plastic canvas and red heart yarn tissue box cozies, those should be in your hall of shame!"), Jennie ("Oh my heavens.  I was looking at those "crafts" and thinking...ok, if they say these are good I should take a second look and make every attempt in the world to find something to appreciate about them.  Then I saw the "April Fools" and was able to breathe a sigh of relief.  That was just mean!"), Rhonda ("I was looking at the "vintage" items and saying OMG- no....OMG....seriously? Good one you guys!"), Kay ("ok, i fell for it and i was talking out loud to my computer going "what? no! you're kidding me!" it's a good thing you were!!!!!! i like vintage image craft just the way it was--vintagey vintage."), Carla ("This was so not funny.  OK maybe a little funny.  I almost had a heart attack when I read you were dropping the vintage aspect of the magazine.  NOOOOOOO.  I'm glad it was a fool's joke.  Don't ever change."), Barbara (" I, too, think that 60's and 70's crafts were scary!! Even though I did make some of those things!"), and a bunch more.

Scared the pants off of you!

Happy Mother's Day!!

Scott & Martin

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