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The VIC Pictorial: Father's Day freebie!
June 12, 2011

Issue #78 - World War I (1914-1919) changed many things in American culture. With many men serving overseas, women joined the workforce in huge numbers, which led to their finally securing voting rights in 1920. African-Americans began serving in the military, bringing them more into the urban mainstream.  New industries and technologies arose to meet wartime demands. And unabashed sentimentalism became a national pastime.

Father's Day
(Sunday, June 19) is a perfect time to wallow in some good-ol' Yankee sentimentality - Canadian style! Our FREE vintage image for you today is vintage sheet music from 1916. It is a perfect example of Canada's musical contributions to the war effort.

FREE Father's Day Vintage Image

Free Father's Day Image 2011, Vintage Image Craft


If that link doesn't work for you (it is a very large file of 1.1MB, so it might take a minute or two), you can try this alternate link:


Verse 1: A little girl sat yearning While children were at play. Her heart was filled with sorrow though others light and gay. A strange man then approached her and said what makes you sad? The little girl began to cry and said "I want my dad."

Chorus: I want my Daddy, Im as lonely as can be. I want my dear old Dad tho hes far away from me. When I kissed him as we parted There was a tear drop in his eye. Good luck to the boys of the Allies We sang, then we said good bye.

Verse 2: She told her little story As plain as it could be. I love my dear old daddy though far across the sea. The first to join the army he loved the Union Jack. Each night I kneel and pray that God will bring my Daddy back.
And yes, that is a photo of Morris Manley and his daughter!

We think this vintage sheet music could be the start of a wonderful Father's Day card, gift tag, decal for a mug, decoupage for a keepsake box, or...

Another "Manly" Gift to Make for Dad

Father's Day Gift, Vintage Image CraftDuring the 19th Century, mutton chops were the rage in pogonotrophy (the growing of facial hair; i.e., beardedness). Men grew their sideburns long and bushy, often joining with their mustaches, but shaved their chins. World War I brought the end of mutton chops, because military men had to be clean shaven to secure a seal on a gas mask.

Our Father's Day After-Shave Bottle craft was inspired by the vintage photo we found of a gentleman with particularly unruly mutton chops. You can make your own version with an empty bottle (ours was olive oil), an old tie and a button. We give you the "manly" vintage image and complete instructions.

And, we give you a recipe or two for aromatic after shaves!

"Paper Doll" Creative Challenge for July!

artful paper dolls by Terry Taylor, Vintage Image CraftGet ready for a VIC Creative Challenge you can really "dress up." We want you to submit photos of your best craft with a "paper doll" theme. The only requirement is using VIC images - and we will provide free downloads on the VIC Facebook page!

The best submission wins a copy of Terry Taylor's playful book, Artful Paper Dolls, provided by Lark Books.

Visit VIC on Facebook for FREE images and announcement of the guidelines.

Next Issue

Soon, we'll be publishing the guidelines for our July Creative Challenge - "Paper Dolls." We're so grateful to Lark Books for their generous donation of prizes! Terry Taylor, if you are out there, we'd like to talk with you about your great book, Artful Paper Dolls.

Martin is starting to design a bunch of new Halloween cards, and we'll be sharing them with you one by one.

Happy Father's Day!!

Scott & Martin

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