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The VIC Pictorial: Crafting for "School Days, School Days!"
August 23, 2011

Issue #82 -- September is Back to School time! It has been a whole year since Martin retired from Kindergarten teaching, but he still gets attacks of the old August Angst: "Time to clean the classroom! Put up bulletin boards! Wash the stuffed animals!" Frankly, I don't know how he did it for 34 years, but I do know he got as much out of teaching as his students did, because he loved it so much.

You may know a teacher who should be recognized for the love she puts into her hard work. Or perhaps you have children or grandchildren heading into a milestone school year, and want to create a keepsake for the future.

Wouldn't this be a good time to make a special "Happy School Year" card, or begin that scrapbook for a child's first year of school?

In this Back to School edition of The VIC Pictorial, we can help with:

  • A FREE vintage image of School Days, the 1907 song that still reminds us of when "we were a couple of kids."
  • Our exclusive Back to School scrapbook layout and instructions, with some of the cutest vintage school children we've ever seen.
Let's get crafting...

Free Vintage Image
School Days sheet music from 1907

Free image for Back to School, Vintage Image Craft


If that link doesn't work for you (it is a very large file of 4.86mb, so it might take a minute or two), you can try this alternate link:

Click here to play a 1907 recording of School Days, as performed by popular turn-of-the-century crooner, Byron G. Harding, and chorus. This recording, from the UCSB Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project, was originally produced as an Edison Gold Moulded Record. Just humming this iconic song still evokes memories, albeit for a time long past. We think this original vintage sheet music cover would make a terrific focal point for a card or embellishment for a teacher's gift. See what you can create!

Back to School
Scrapbook Layout and Free Vintage Images

School scrapbook layout, Vintage Image Craft

The first day of school can be an emotional collage of excitement, bewilderment, fear and adventure. All of these show up on this school scrapbook page (and face) of five year-old Linus braving his big day at Union School. We wanted to capture the thrill and newness of it all, as well as the centuries of educational tradition that Linus was now joining.

This scrapbook page is designed like an antique "school slate," once used by Victorian children for practicing their letters and numbers. The effect is easy with black paper and a simple frame of wood-grain paper. Across the bottom, we assembled a collage of vintage school-children "scraps," figures cut from larger vintage images, with various school artifacts as slates, pens and ink wells, balls, books, globes and apples, of course.

See how it was done, and download the wonderful FREE vintage images! Click here: Vintage Back to School Scrapbook Layout.

Next Issue

We'll be announcing the VIC Creative Challenge for next month. Yes, the theme is Christmas Cats, but the thing that will make you purr "Joy to the World" will be the wonderful prizes provided by Sterling Publications!

Maybe you are not going back to school - but keep learning and you'll stay young.
Scott & Martin

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