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The VIC Pictorial: Halloween Horrors!!!
October 13, 2011

Issue #83 -- Leaf-clogged downspouts. Morning frost on the windshield. Blue Jays stealing peanuts. It must be autumn!!

And with autumn comes Halloween. We thought we were too busy to come up with much  news for  The VIC Pictorial. But, now that it is done, it turns out to be chock full of Halloween Horrors, gallows humor, inedible recipes, and corn-pone wisdom. Heat up some apple cider and let's have a visit.

In this Halloween edition of The VIC Pictorial, you can enjoy:

  • Make a "Headless Horror" Halloween Card with a leatherette-like frame!
  • Facebook Friends come through with Halloween Headlines!
  • Grab a big 25% discount on our popular e-book, Ten Vintage Halloween Greetings to Make!
  • Be a-MAZED by our corny FREE vintage image for Halloween!
  • Mix up a batch of homemade embalming fluid, as vividly described in the 1916 Henley's! No tasting!!
Let's get crafting...

Make a "Headless Horror"
Halloween Card

Headless Photo Card for Halloween from Vintage Image Craft

Can you forgive us for a sick sense of humor? We were looking through some antique cabinet card photographs from the 1900s. There were some remarkably homely, grim-looking portraits. After a few jokes about retouching noses and mouths and hair, Martin said, "Let's just take off her head." And the Headless Photo Card was born.

The original albumen photos were displayed in traditional leatherette folders. To mimic that look, we used a slick and easy technique involving cardboard, wax paper, ink and your iron. You will use this texturizing trick again and again!

Best of all, these creepy Halloween cards lend themselves to wacky messages inside. We give you TWO photos and TWO funny messages - courtesy of VIC's Facebook Friends!

Click here for complete instructions and FREE vintage images:

Headless Photo Card for Halloween

"Hats Off" to our "Heads Off" Facebook Friends

When we designed our "Headless Photo Card," we turned to our VIC Facebook friends for ideas for funny messages. OMG. We got so many great, sick, twisted, and hilarious submissions!

The two winners were: Crystal Chavarria ("Bertha always wanted to get a head in life...") and Jen Hill ("When I said I wanted to be put on a pedestal, I meant ALL of me!"). Loony, completely loony. For their winning entries, we sent them both handmade cards.

"Heads off" to our other favorite entries:

"I think I'll just put my head down for a moment and rest a little..." Arthur B. Morrill III

"Have you lost your head? That apron make your butt look fat." Mary Walker

"She said if I didn't do it, I'd find my head on a platter."  Cindy Schram pointe.

"Millie, I told you to lay off those Pop Rocks." Sally Hackney

"I told you he's not worth losing your head over!" Sharon Marie

"Just. Could. Not. Listen. To. Her. Anymore." Mementos Designs

"When Ethel said she was going to cut her hair with a razor, we knew it would end badly." Diana Perry

Spook Your Friends with
"Ten Vintage Halloween Greetings to Make"

Ten Vintage Halloween Greetings to Make, e-book by Vintage Image Craft

You can make your own unique and dazzling Halloween cards, based on vintage images from bygone days! This is the first e-book of our series, "Cards with a Past." Each e-book is published in a convenient, high-quality PDF file format. You download it to your computer, for reading or printing. The vintage images included are high-resolution, in pre-sized format, ready to print at a copy center or on your home ink-jet printer!

These are VIC Exclusive designs, all based on colorful remnants of Victorian Halloween greeting cards and decorations. Every card teaches a different paper-craft technique!

Ten Vintage Halloween Greetings to Make has everything you need to create beautiful vintage-look greeting cards - with professional results the easy way.

As a subscriber to The VIC Pictorial you can get

25% off the regular price.

The catch? You have to promise to tell us what you think of the book, so we can make a really fantastic edition for our Birthday Book. And if you are not satisfied - we have a Money Back Guarantee!

Just go to:


Click on the "Add to Cart" button, and when you complete your purchase with PayPal, type in the secret subscriber discount coupon code:


That's all there is to it -- 1-2-3 -- click on the e-book link above, scroll down and click on "Add to Cart," and enter the 25% discount code of "bertha" when asked for your coupon code.

You'll quickly receive an email with the download link, and you are one click away from creating some of the most unique vintage-look Halloween cards!

If the e-book link above doesn't work for you, type into your browser:

Free Vintage Image
A Corny Halloween Greeting

Free image for Halloween 1022, Vintage Image Craft


If that link doesn't work for you (it is a very large file of 4.86mb, so it might take a minute or two), you can try this alternate link:

Corn maze for Vintage Image CraftSo, what is there to do for two city boys wandering the back roads of rural Washington?  Woo-wee.. looky there! A sign for the 4-H Club Corn Maze! We paid our $5 and started confidently down the path hacked into the two acres of dense cornstalks. You know, after a while, all corn looks alike. After 30 numbing minutes, we stumbled out the other end, desperate to see anything but corn.

We wish we had run into this friendly ear of corn in that confusing corn maze. Perhaps you can print his image and make a special Halloween card or table decoration. We wish you an a-MAZEing Halloween this year!!

Crafts-from-Hell circa 1916

To keep with our ghastly Halloween theme, we are resurrecting one of our early VIC Newsletter features; A Craft-from-Hell! Today, we teach you how to concoct useful embalming fluid, right in your own kitchen!

Embalming Fluid

"Success in the use of any embalming fluid depends largely on manipulation, an important part of the process being the thorough removal of fluid from the circulatory system before undertaking the injection of the embalming liquid.

One gallon solution zinc chloride
6 ounces solution sodium chloride
Four pints solution mercury hichloride
Four pints alcohol
Eight ounces carbolic acid (pure)
24 ounces glycerine

Mix the glycerine and carbolic acid, then all the other ingredients, until a clear solution of 3 gallons results, which is the proper amount for a body weighing 150 pounds."

Excerpted from Henley's Twentieth Century Formulas, Recipes and Processes, Volume 2, published in 1916, New York. There were actually several recipes for embalming fluid in this edition. One recipe included several drops of clove oil, for the lovely holiday scent we presume. We enjoy sharing some of Henley's best (or worst) craft and cooking instructions, so you will realize how good you have it today. Try these at your own risk!

Next Issue

Honestly, we'll be announcing the VIC Creative Challenge soon. The theme is Christmas Cats. Over the next several weeks, we'll be providing FREE vintage images of (naturally) Victorian cats at Christmas. Use one of those images to make something "purrfect" and you may win a prize from Sterling Publications!

Have a wonderfully Horrible Halloween!!

Scott & Martin

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