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The VIC Pictorial: Crafty Puddy Tats
October 30, 2011

Issue #84

Happy Halloween!

We don't want to be catty, but this edition of The VIC Pictorial is heavy on the felines. To be clear, we must acknowledge that the Victorians were pretty much dog people. Even Queen Victoria posed for portraits with her collies by her side. This is possibly because a dog will sit for a portrait, whereas a cat...

Anyway, we proudly offer you this is a cat-centric, feline-focused edition. This is because we polled our VIC Facebook friends for themes for our November 2011 VIC Creative Challenge. The results were divided evenly between Christmas and cats.

So, the BIG announcement today is the start of our VIC Creative Challenge for November. We want to see what you can do with the theme of  Christmas Cats! Read all about it below.

So on little cat's paws, we invite you to peruse:
  • Your FREE Halloween vintage image of a black cat and his pumpkin-headed mistress.
  • Join the VIC Creative Challenge for November 2011 -- Christmas Cats!
  • A Frightening but True Black Cat Story.
  • When people tell you about Judi's Paperie, tell them you saw her in The VIC Pictorial first!
Let's get crafting...

FREE Vintage Image
from Halloween circa 1910

Free Halloween vintage image from Vintage Image Craft


If the link doesn't work for you (it is a very large file and can take up to a minute to download), try this alternative link:

We like things bigger-than-life, and so did the Victorians. This Halloween greeting circa 1910 was one of a popular series of illustrations of pumpkin-headed people. We chose this picture of "Melon of Troy" (yes, we named her) because of her bold colors, gold-gilt highlights, and her classic black cat. Wouldn't she be great as an ornament for your Halloween Tree? While you are at it, this might be the perfect image for any one of our exclusive Halloween Crafts!

Join the VIC Creative Challenge for November!

Christmas Cats,
Christmas Cats,
Jingle All the Way!

Christmas Cats creative challenge from Vintage Image CraftHow do cats and Christmas go together?? Show us your crafty answer, and you might win one of THREE PURRFECT PRIZES, including a copy of "Scraps, an inspirational field guide to collage" from Lark Books!

The photo submission deadline is November 27. FREE Christmas Cat images are available on our VIC Facebook page. Click below to see the prizes and join the crafty Christmas spirit!


Black Cats Haunt Local Mansion --
and We've Seen Them

Wardner Mansion in Bellingham, WAWe wanted to share a black cat tale with you, and we didn't have to go any further than our own backyard. Just a few houses away from us is the brooding and creepy Wardner Mansion, built in 1890 by silver-mine millionaire, James Wardner. Jim was an imaginative entrepreneur, and after mining for silver and lead, speculating in real estate and opening a bank, he hit upon his big idea.

He bought Eliza Island, just a boat ride away, and established his “Black Cat Consolidated Co.” His business plan: find stray black cats, raise them on the island, then skin them and sell their fur as “seal fur” for a lucrative profit. He has barely begun breeding his cats when the press got a hold of the story, and soon a firestorm of public outrage shut down his black cat ranch.

But even today, more than a century later, you can see an unusual number of black cats around Bellingham. Very true! Would we kid you?

Serendipity Leads Us to Judi's Paperie

Judi's Paperie on Vintage Image CraftA few weeks ago, we took a drive to the town of Snohomish, nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains north of Seattle. We went for the antiquing, but we lucked upon a small crafts fair downtown. Soap, potholders, soap, pine cone sculptures, soap... Whoa! What is this? Like a grand piano in a cornfield, Judi's Paperie stood out from the rest.

Each vintage-inspired piece by artist Judi Thurman is a classic. All-hand stitched, her journals and memory books are beautiful fusions of clever design and classic style. Her palette of colors is eclectic, shifting from muted to vibrant, but always complimenting the Victorian sensibilities and images. We especially enjoyed the breadth of her work, which included pillows and other fabric art, baskets, books and albums, frames, and containers of all kinds. And, she is a kindred-spirit who loves to use recycled materials.

Judi's Paperie on Vintage Image CraftWe lingered and chatted with Judi for quite a while. She limits her sales to local festivals and fairs around her Woodinville home. We urged her to carve out some space on the Internet, because we think she could be a sensation.

Then, we were back to the soap and carved walnut shell crafters. We can only hope we happen upon Judi's Paperie
again at another fair.

Next issue

Good lord, it's almost Christmas. Before it leaps on us and tears our wallets out, we want to at least acknowledge the noble holiday of Thanksgiving. In a Special Edition, we'll be sending you a FREE Thanksgiving vintage image, and a few quick and easy crafts to do while the turkey is overcooking.

Of course, we will be announcing the winners of the VIC Christmas Cats Creative Challenge! Watch Facebook, or the December 1 VIC Pictorial.

Beyond that, it's Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. We'll share our 2011 Christmas cards with you, and some fun things to make with asphalt! We're still working on that.

Have a wonderfully Horrible Halloween!!

Scott & Martin

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