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The VIC Pictorial: Christmas Special Edition
December 14, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Issue #86 - Our Victorian cat craze is almost over -- we promise. But first, some serious words of concern from Frances E. Lanigan, writing in the 1895 Ladies Home Journal: "Of the four hundred and fifty canvases which hang in the Louvre, only three portray the cat," she decried. Well, let us say this is an outrage, and Vintage Image Craft has taken steps!

Our VIC Creative Challenge for November 2011 was a showcase for talented crafters to illustrate our theme of "Christmas Cats." Not only did they create enduring works of art, they used a VIC vintage image to do it.

So, write to the Louvre (C/O Paris, France) and lobby them mercilessly to consider hanging any or all of our winning entries. It can't hurt.

In this Christmas Edition of The VIC Pictorial, we gift to you:
  • The deserving winners of the VIC Creative Challenge for November 2011, "Christmas Cats."
  • Our fancy, feline Tea Bag Ornament.
  • A FREE Vintage Image - one of the Gifts of the Season.
  • Our Christmas Cards for 2011.
  • Susan Waggoner takes us back with Have Yourself a Very Vintage Christmas.
  • Gingerbread House Competition in Bellingham.
  • Our Holiday Message to You
Let's get crafting...

The Winners of the VIC Creative Challenge
for November 2011
"Christmas Cats"


Christmas Cat Book Card by Sandie Edwards for Vintage Image Craft
Victorian Christmas
Cat Book Card
Sandie Edwards

Christmas Girl with Cats Card by Lyneen Jesse for Vintage Image Craft
Christmas Girl with
Cats Card
Lyneen Jesse

Merry Catmas ornament by Jennifer Willis for Vintage Image Craft
Merry Catmas Ornament
by Jennifer Willis
Congratulations to our WINNERS, and thank you for your participation, too! The judging decisions were tough. Every artist expressed their "inner feline" with composition, textures, colors, and vintages images of cats, of course! Fabulous work by everyone!

Try Our Tea Bag Folding Christmas Ornament

Speaking of Christmas Cats... have you seen our "Pussy White" Tea Bag Ornament? Martin designed this hanging snowflake ornament as our inspiration piece for the 2011 "Christmas Cats" Creative Challenge. If you haven't tried tea bag folding, this is a soothing, low-impact paper craft for you!
Tea Bag Ornament photo on Vintage Image Craft
We provide complete instructions and tips, as well as FREE vintage images of the proud white cat, courtesy of a Victorian advertising label!

And our closing words about cats come from Godey's Lady's Book from May, 1895:

"It is indeed remarkable how much these animals can be taught if taken in kittenhood and treated gently. Even as soon as their eyes open, they can be made to understand many things..." Except how to stay off the kitchen table.

But Godey's goes on to assure us that "It is settled now that cats and spinsterhood have no direct connection." A sigh of relief.

Our FREE Vintage Image
Wishes You the Many Gifts of the Season

FREE Christmas image from Vintage Image Craft


If the link doesn't work for you (it is a very large file and can take up to a minute to download), try this alternative link:
Ellen H. Clapsaddle (1865-1934) is one of our favorite illustrators. She was a self-taught artist, designing thousands of postcards, calendars and advertisements through her long career. There is something so cheery about this boy, laden with festive holiday packages, that we decided to use him for our 2011 Christmas cards. We're hoping that you too can use this illustration on one of your crafts this season!

Our Christmas Cards for 2011

We've been making our own Christmas cards for five years now. We are always anxious to share them with you, although we wish we could make enough to just send you one. That would take well over 3,000 cards, but maybe next year.

Christmas Cards 2011 on Vintage Image CraftOur 2011 inspiration was both artistic and technological. First, we found this dandy "slot corner punch" made by EK Tools. It punches a filigree design that serves as a photo corner slot. We knew we had to use it.

Next, we searched our collection for a bold vintage image. Ellen H. Clapsaddle provided it, back around 1910, when commercialism was young and still charming.

Then we chose our papers to compliment the image. Deep red cardstock for the card, and off-white for the punched photo frame. We made the card 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" because we can make two cards from an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper, and envelopes are easy to buy.

Our Christmas Cards for 2011 on Vintage Image CraftThen it was a day of printing, trimming, punching, taping, writing, signing, stamping, stuffing, sealing, and snacking. See, Martin was still smiling though his paper cuts.

The message inside our cards was Wishing You All of the Gifts of This Holiday Season.

We wish the same for you and those you love.

Interesting Books & Blogs

Have Yourself a Very Vintage Christmas by Susan Waggoner on Vintage Image CraftHave Yourself a Very Vintage Christmas will bring back memories, decade by decade. Here you'll find all of those crafts, decorating tips and even recipes from the 1920s to the 1960s. Author Susan Waggoner has captured the essence of those decades, from the colors, fads, trends, and quirks that made them distinct. She has dozens of craft ideas, and even provides pages of vintage images that you can reproduce and use.

Despite our leaning toward Victorian crafting styles, we embrace our own mid-century upbringing. This book really took us back, and even explained some of those unasked questions, like "Did Elvis really have a black flocked Christmas tree?" You'll want to thank Susan for a lovely, festive walk down memory lane. (Published by Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 2011)

FIRST PRIZE in the Bellingham
Gingerbread House Competition!

Gingerbread House Winner 2011 on Vintage Image CraftEvery year, Bellingham sponsors a gingerbread house competition for families, adults and children. And every year the entries get more plentiful and complicated. This year, we witnessed everything from gingerbread castles to "Angry Birds" dioramas.

The FIRST PRIZE winner really nailed it. Crafted of gingerbread and icing, a family of cookies stands proudly around a table. On the table is a tiny gingerbread house with a family of cookies standing around a... tinier house with tinier cookies standing around... We think it stops there.

Our hats are off to the Wolgamot Family and their winning entry, "A Family Building a Gingerbread House of a Family Building a Gingerbread House..."

Our Holiday Message

Martin's 1962 Christmas Tree on Vintage Image CraftReading through Susan Waggoner's wonderful book about vintage Christmas decorations got us talking about our own 1960s childhoods. Suddenly, Martin was off searching through his old family photos. He came back with this photograph. It was 1962, and 11-year old Martin had made this iconic Christmas tree out of Styrofoam balls, toothpicks, white paint, and glitter. It was a proud achievement, and his family displayed it for many years, always on a bed of cotton batting with a trio of porcelain snowmen.

Yes, only God can make a tree. But only a true crafter could take slivers of that tree, add paint and glitter, and make a memory.

That is our message to you. Make something for Christmas. Put in your imagination, some paint, love, glue and glitter. Display it. Share it. Give it. You've made a memory.

We wish you and yours a wonderful holiday.

Scott & Martin

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