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The VIC Pictorial:You Gotta Have HEARTS!
January 15, 2012

Issue #88 - We have seen Valentines of every variety, construction, size and color. But they almost always share one shape in common: the heart. This ancient symbol is supposedly a stylized depiction of the human heart, usually red.

I Heart Valentines image on Vintage Image CraftBut it doesn't really look like a human heart, so how did it get started? We may want to blame Aristotle. A teacher and gifted physiologist of the 4th century B.C., Aristotle was less gifted at drawing human organs, especially the heart. When his inaccurate anatomical drawings resurfaced in the 14th century, medieval artists liked his simple symmetry. They colored them red and slapped them on decks of cards along with the other suits. A couple of centuries later, Saint Margaret Mary Alocoque drew the familiar symbol when she described her holy vision of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Soon, every stained glass window had one.

By then, everyone knew this shape was supposed to be a heart. The Victorians just stuck lace, feathers and glitter on it and called it a Valentine.

We Heart Valentines! Among the splendorous Valentine curiosities in this issue of The VIC Pictorial:

  • Create a unique, hanging Valentine Ornament, and you may win our VIC Creative Challenge for February!
  • For some inspiration, a Victorian "Hankie Doll" to make!
  • A FREE vintage image for Valentine's Day - perhaps for your Creative Challenge project.
  • An exclusive subscriber discount on the VIC Valentine Card e-Book.
  • A chance to own the originals - our authentic vintage Valentines are on auction.
Let's get crafting...

Announcing our February 2012 Creative Challenge

Create a Valentine Ornament!

Valentine scrapUse a romantic Victorian Valentine image to create a hanging Valentine ornament - and win a prize. Your winning entry will impress your sweetheart, inspire your crafting friends, and possibly win you one of THREE WONDERFUL PRIZES!!

The submission deadline is February 8. FREE Valentine images are available on our Facebook page. Click below to see the prizes, meet the judges, and join the Valentine frenzy!


Need some inspiration? Look what Martin made below!

Reviving the Victorian Hankie Doll
as a Valentine Ornament

Martin saw an example of a Victorian "hankie" doll and knew there was a Valentine ornament in there somewhere. A hankie doll is a simple child's toy, made by sticking a ball of cotton on the end of a wooden spoon, draping it with a hankie, and tying it off to resemble a head. With tied-off arms, button eyes and yarn hair, you had a serviceable and economical doll.

Well, the hankie doll has gone uptown for Valentine's Day.

Valentine Hankie Doll from Vintage Image Craft

This elegant hanging Valentine ornament begins with an antique hankie, the frillier and more colorful the better. Fold it into a narrow triangle with many pleats and drapes to make a long gown. Top it with a high-fashion Victorian bust. Affix your costumed lady to a large, glittery heart and hang it with satin ribbons.

On VintageImageCraft, we'll be providing you with step-by-step instructions and FREE vintage images and templates to make your own Victorian Hankie Doll. What a beautiful way to show off a treasured hankie!

Our FREE Valentine Gift to You

FREE Valentine image from Vintage Image Craft

If the link doesn't work for you (it is a very large file and can take up to a minute to download), try this alternative link:
Keeping with our "heart" theme, we give you this circa 1910 Valentine. Perhaps this is the vintage image that will become part of your Valentine Ornament for the VIC Creative Challenge.

Exclusive Sale for Subscribers! That's You!

Ten Vintage Valentine Greetings to Make cover photo, Vintage Image CraftOur Valentine card-making e-Book is flying off the shelves. "Ten Vintage Valentine Greetings to Make" has everything you need to make classy Vintage-inspired Valentine cards that will amaze your crafty friends.

Each of the ten cards is unique and exclusive to VIC. We provide step-by-step illustrated instructions, and beautiful ready-to-print vintage images! All in an easy to download and print PDF format.

For the next few weeks, we are offering you a special discount of 30% off the $8.99 retail price. But only until February 14.

Take advantage of this limited offer. To get your 30% discount, enter this discount code during checkout:

DISCOUNT CODE: sweetheart
(Expires 2/14/2012)

CLICK HERE to purchase your copy today!

It's the Real Thing...

Many of the vintage images you can see and purchase on come from our own collection of Victorian ephemera and collectibles. We scan them, retouch the blemishes and tears, restore the colors, and generally make the digital copy "like new" for you.

Rarely do we let the original artwork go... but this week, and possibly only this week, we are auctioning some of our best vintage Valentines on eBay.

We've been scanning these Valentine postcards for weeks to offer as FREE images on Facebook - for our current Creative Challenge. Now, you can actually own the originals. These have been protected and pampered for a century, so they may be among the most pristine examples existing today.

See these beautiful, romantic originals in all of their authentic glory at:

Next Issue

We'll be announcing the winners of the VIC Creative Challenge for February 2012 just before Valentine's Day. Even if you don't enter a Valentine Ornament of your own, visit the page each week, view the entries and leave your comments for the artists. That's the best part!

Then it's full-speed-ahead to St. Patrick's Day! Had we ever mentioned that we love St. Patrick's Day? Since this holiday is always about wearing something green, we've created a wearable craft each year. What do you think - will we do it again, or break the trend?

Wait and see.

Scott & Martin

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