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The VIC Pictorial: The WINNERS of the Valentine Ornament Creative Challenge!
February 12, 2012

Issue #89

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day. A time for winning hearts - and winning contests. Today we are announcing the three crafty winners of the VIC Creative Challenge for February 2012, titled Valentine Ornaments!

This was VIC's biggest and best Creative Challenge so far. 18 incredible Valentine Ornaments were submitted, each one a clever take on the theme and the vintage images. We felt honored to be able to display each one on VintageImageCraft.

Read on in the VIC Pictorial to enjoy:
  • Introducing the WINNERS of the VIC Creative Challenge!
  • Make a quick Valentine's card (or almost anything) with  adhesive paper and glitter - a crafter's best friends.
  • A FREE image for President's Day, February 20.
Let's Get Crafting...

The Winners of the
VIC Creative Challenge
for February 2012
"Valentine Ornaments"


Spinning Hearts by Jen Hill for Vintage Image Craft
Spinning Heart
Jen Hill

Victorian Wall Ornament by Lyneen Jesse for Vintage Image Craft
Victorian Wall Ornament
Lyneen Jesse

Sweetheart Ornament by Nancy Yankowski for Vintage Image Craft
Sweetheart Ornament by Nancy Yankowski

Our wonderful winners really "got the hang of it!" Each artist created a unique Valentine ornament, based on a VIC vintage image. With 18 creative entries, it was very difficult to select just three.  But Jen, Lyneen and Nancy won our hearts with their visions.

You all found a way to express Victorian romance, and made it suitable for hanging! Congratulations to you all!

Need a Last Minute Valentine Card?
Here's an Instant Glitter Solution.

The "Glitter Queen," Barbara Trombley, changed the way we use glitter - forever. No longer just a decorative condiment, we learned to respect glitter as a main course.

Barbara turned us on to two-sided adhesive paper as a base for glitter artwork. Our favorite is Grafix® Double Tack, which comes in 9"x12" sheets with peel-off paper on both sides. This miracle material is your short-cut to creating quick custom glitter stickers. Here's the step by step for making a sophisticated Valentine card in a few minutes:
  1. Glitter sticker step 1 on Vintage Image CraftGather together your materials: card stock or a surface of your choice; a sheet of two-sided adhesive paper; fine glitter in your favorite color; a heart-shape paper punch or detail scissors. You might also want scrap paper to work on and maybe a fluffy brush for dusting off stray glitter.

  2. Glitter sticker step 2 on Vintage Image CraftPunch out, or cut out, your heart shape from the two-sided adhesive paper. Remove the paper backing from one side of the shape and apply it to your cardstock or other surface. Carefully peel away the remaining paper backing.

  3. Glitter sticker step 3 on Vintage Image CraftCover the exposed adhesive with fine glitter. Jiggle the cardstock gently to distribute the glitter evenly, then tap it off onto scrap paper and return it to the container. Brush off any stray glitter.

Like magic! A truly professional glittered heart adorning the front of your Valentine card. Write something mushy inside, and you have it made!

glitter sticker on Vintage Image Craft

Is the potential dawning on you yet? You can use this technique to make glitter stickers of any shape, size or complexity. If they sell a punch for it, you can glitter it. If you can cut it out (a snowflake maybe?), you can glitter it. Think borders, words, silhouettes. Consider masking for multiple colors. Go crazy.

Our FREE President's Day Gift to You

FREE Presidents Day image from Vintage Image Craft

If the link doesn't work for you (it is a very large file and can take up to a minute to download), try this alternative link:
Stuart portrait of WashingtonGeorge Washington had a face made for portraits and coins. His most famous likeness was painted by Gilbert Charles Stuart (December 3, 1755 – July 9, 1828) in 1796. The original painting, titled The Athenaeum, was never finished. That may have been because Stuart got so busy painting 130 copies, which he sold for $100 each. His famous artwork made it on to the one dollar bill in 1869, and was quickly copied by every Victorian artist wanting to make a buck off George Washington.

Happy President's Day, and we hope you can use this image to create a card or decoration that will honor the Father of our Country!

It's the Real Thing...

Right now on eBay, Martin and I are auctioning more than 60 Victorian postcards. Among them is the original of the 1910 George Washington postcard you saw above as our President's Day free image.

If you love authentic ephemera, you need to visit us on eBay. These gorgeous pieces of history have been protected and pampered for a century, so they may be among the most pristine examples existing today.

See these beautiful originals in all of their authentic glory at:

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