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The VIC Pictorial: The Winners of the VIC Creative Challenge, April 2012, and paper mache eggs!
April 08, 2012

Issue #91

Happy Easter!

We can't "contain" ourselves! We're announcing the winners of the VIC Creative Challenge for April 2012... Spring Containers!

Ostara by Johannes Gehrts 1884 on Vintage Image CraftBut first, a few words about the most famous spring container, the Easter Basket.

The tradition of a bountiful Easter Basket goes back a ways. Let's begin with the Pagan roots of Easter, the celebration of the Anglo-Saxon fertility goddess Eostre (or Oestre or Ostara). Eostre's month was April, her animal companion was the rabbit, and her symbol was the egg. Clear so far?

So where did the basket come from? We waded through all kinds of theories about early religious ceremonies involving baskets, but decided that baskets were pretty much the only way to carry eggs. In the ninth century, the Eostre festival became the Christian Easter, along with those rabbits and eggs. By the 17th century, the Germanic traditions of der Osterhase (the Easter Bunny) and dyed eggs in baskets started making their way to the US.

And we give you a basketful of treats in this VIC Pictorial:
  • The WINNERS of the VIC Creative Challenge for April 2012!
  • Craft paper mache eggs - over easy!!
  • An Easter Quiz that will have you hopping for a PRIZE!
  • Easter memories from Scott and Martin.
Let's Get Crafting...

The Winners of the
VIC Creative Challenge
for April 2012
"Spring Containers"


Spinning Hearts by Jen Hill for Vintage Image Craft
Creative Tins
by Lyneen Jesse


Easter Frolic by Lynn Polochock for Vintage Image Craft
Easter Frolic
Lynn Polochock

Sweetheart Ornament by Nancy Yankowski for Vintage Image Craft
Joyeuses Pâques

by Confectionique

Congratulations to our three worthy winners! These containers, cans, baskets and plates, all hold delights for the senses. Each entry was creative and colorful, but these three really sang of Spring. THANK YOU ALL!

Our Paper Mache Egg is All It's Cracked Up to Be!

Paper Mache Eggs from Vintage Image Craft

Everyone loves vintage paper mache eggs, decorated with charming Easter images. Filling them with candy doesn't hurt, either. Surprisingly, these are really easy to make if you know a shortcut or two. And, if you have FREE vintage images of Victorian bunnies from VintageImageCraft. Which you do, if you click below...

An Easter Craft Quiz

The answers to these six questions can be found among our vintage  Easter Crafts on Answer them all correctly by April 14, and you will win a FREE VIC Image Book download!
  1. What was our "secret ingredient" in our Chocolate Egg Easter Decoration that most people have at home by the tub-full?
  2. What springtime plant do we hand-paint on our Easter Egg Pot?
  3. Who inspired our Easter Bunny Basket with her little paper boxes?
  4. What hard-to-spell flower do we deconstruct for our Flower Pin?
  5. What metallic marvel gives our Easter Egg Card its opening act?
  6. What product did we use to protect the vintage images during decoupaging our Easter Painting?
Send us your answers by email and you can be a winner!

Easter Memories from Two Basket Cases

Martin's Easter Basket on Vintage Image CraftWe grew up 3,000 miles apart, in Los Angeles and New Jersey, but were destined to be soul-mates. We have the photos to prove it.

Here is Martin, around 4 years old. Easter in LA was usually warm, so it was a day to dress up in saddle shoes, suspenders and a bow tie. Yes, he outgrew those sugar-bowl ears. But not his love for Easter trappings like baskets, cellophane, plastic grass and dyed eggs. He carried that with him as a Kindergarten teacher, and for 34 years, he boiled 12 dozen eggs every spring so his kids could learn the fine art of egg dyeing.
Scott's Easter basket on Vintage Image CraftIn the meantime, here is Scott at about the same age. Being colder in New Jersey, I've got on my tweedy jacket. Apparently, I ate everything in the Easter basket already. My family did the obligitory egg dyeing when I was young, but I almost lost that inner-child. Then I met Martin. In a few years, Martin decided we should have an egg dyeing party. I was skeptical that our big-city friends would take to it. They loved it.  Ever since, we find some time at Easter to dye a dozen eggs, look at them in a basket for a few days, and then have a dinner of creamed eggs on toast. Finally united by a love for eggs.

Next Issue

Is that your mother calling you? Mother's Day is May 13, and it has become a day to recognize the mothers all around us. We've been working on some Mother's Day crafts, and we'll be sharing some special maternally-appropriate creations you may want to try!


Scott & Martin

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