A Little Bird Told Me...

by Barb Doemel
(Oshkosh, WI)

A Little Bird Told Me... (front)

A Little Bird Told Me... (front)

A Little Bird Told Me... (front) A Little Bird Told Me... (back) A Little Bird Told Me... (detail)

Barb Doemel: I printed out three different vintage cards to create my Valentine. Two were VIC IMAGES and one was from public domain. I cut out different areas from each, and placed them on finished card. I printed out Valentine heart template on dk purple and pink cardstock, in various sizes. Layered the hearts together with two-sided tape, and edged them with purple and pink fine glitter using a glue pen.

From postcard 1- printed out a 4X6 photo of the purple dressed girls, cut out the girl on the right with fine tipped scissors. Traded one leg from the left girl, to the right girl, with 2 sided tape.

From postcard 2- Cut the larger heart with hand attached to it, along with various hearts, and a flower. Placed these hearts on the girl's garland with glue dots. Placed a glitter stone onto the flower with glue dot, and attached it to the girl's hat, also with a glue dot. Then attached girl to large purple and pink heart with pop dots, to give the valentine added dimension.

From postcard 3- cut out bird, and attached on heart next to girl. Then took a long length of wire-edged ribbon, and pleat-folded it to conform around the heart. Also took a short strip of the same ribbon, and placed two-sided tape on the back of it, then folded both sides into the middle to form a hanging loop. Attached heart to pleat-folded ribbon, along with loop, using the two-sided tape. Cut one more pink cardstock heart, attach a red pipecleaner shaped into a heart with glue dots. Spread glue pen inside the pipecleaner heart, and apply purple and pink fine glitter. When dry, attach to backside of valentine with two-sided tape. This ornament can hang in a window or on a door.


Fine tipped scissors for detail cutting
Two-sided tape
Wire edged ribbon
Cardstock, 1-purple, 2-pink
Two VIC IMAGES and one public domain image
Glue dots
Pop dots
Glue pen
Red pipecleaner
Fine glitter, 1-purple, 1-pink

Thank you for having the Valentine Ornament Creative Challenge. I truly enjoyed making my entry, and love visiting your Vintage Image Craft site.

Barb Doemel

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A Little Bird told Me
by: Lyneen

How sweet... love how you used images from 3 postcards on your hanging.

love love love it!!!!!!
by: Anonymous


That bird told the truth!
by: Jen Hill

Wow! You really put a lot of work into this! Nicely done!!

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