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New baby scrapbook page:

Enlarging an image as a background

Pamela Louise was born on October 16, full-size and raring to go. She was a wonderful surprise, and her parents joked about "that stork". Well, the traditional image of the responsible stork with a baby carriage seemed perfect for a background for Pamela Louise's baby scrapbook page!

Using a vintage image as a background takes some consideration. Is it a good background picture; non-distracting, with room for photos and other elements? Can you enlarge the image without distorting it? A high resolution (like 300 dpi) may be necessary. Can you print it the size you need at home, or will you have to take the image file to a photocopy service? Can you creatively stretch your small background to fill the page by using borders, or by tiling or piecing multiple copies (as we did)?

We printed two copies of our vintage stork image as large as possible on 8.5" X 11" paper, then created a "quilt" effect with pieces of the picture, ribbons and buttons. Couldn't be simpler, and Pamela Louise couldn't be cuter.


  • Baby scrapbook materialsVintage image (Free PDF download).
  • Background paper: plain or patterned 12" X 12" background paper. Ours was beige.
  • Matting paper: peach and cream.
  • Embellishment: 3/8" turquoise ribbon; pastel color buttons.
  • Journaling pen.
  • Glue stick or other non-acid paper adhesive.
  • Tacky white glue for ribbon and buttons.
  • Decorative-edge scissors.
  • Scissors or paper cutter.


  1. Print two copies of the vintage image and trim them. Adhere one to the background paper, horizontally centered and about 1" from the top edge. Cut portions of the second image into rectangles for the four corners of the background, and glue them on to form a grid pattern.
  2. Baby scrapbook layoutGlue pieces of ribbon vertically and horizontally along the edges of the images.
  3. Adhere your photos on the peach matting paper. Trim them with decorative edge scissors.
  4. Journal the who, what, when, where and why on the cream paper, trim it, glue it to the peach matting paper, and trim with decorative edge scissors.
  5. Position your matted photos and journal, and glue them to the page.
  6. Glue buttons on the edges of the photos and the journal where they meet the ribbon.
  7. Say "Ooh! and "Ahh!" and "Cootchie-coo!"


  • If you need to change the size of the image for your scrapbook layout, refer to the information in the FAQ on resizing a PDF image.
  • Buttons add a dimensional element that requires strong glue. Tacky craft glue is usually enough, but if you think your page will get a lot of action, use a hot glue gun. More action? Sew buttons onto the page with coat thread or dental floss.
  • There are many different kinds of scrapbook covers and bindings, so you will need to adapt your page design for your particular book.

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