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Birthstones: Personalize your hand-made birthday cards or scrapbook pages with traditional gems and colors

November birthstone cardBirthstones are the colorful precious and semi-precious gems traditionally associated with the months of the year. In gemstone lore, they originated in the Old Testament book of Exodus, where there is a description of colored stones representing the twelve tribes of Israel, which were set into the breastplate of the High Priest. The order of the stones (or it may be argued, the stones' colors) was later codified in the New Testament book of Revelation as the twelve Foundation Stones of the New Jerusalem. (For a well-researched discussion of this subject, visit J.J. Kent's Precious Stones Guide, Volume 9).

Over time, each stone became identified with a month of the year as well as distinct powers of energy and healing. By the 18th century, written references describe the fashionable practice of wearing your birth month gem in jewelry, often engraved with the associated zodiacal sign.

If you are more interested in the Zodiac stones associated with astrology and the horoscope, visit our Zodiac Birthstones page.

Let these precious gems give you inspiration and ideas for your hand-made birthday cards and gifts, or scrapbook pages.

January Garnet Garnet, January birthstone
February Amethyst Amethyst, February birthstone
March Aquamarine Aquamarine, March birthstoneor Bloodstone
April Diamond Diamond, April birthstoneor Rock Crystal
May Emerald Emerald, May birthstoneor Chrysoprase
June PearlPearl, June birthstone, Moonstone or Alexandrite
July Ruby Ruby, July birthstoneor Carnelion
August Peridot Peridot, August birthstoneor Sardonyx
September Sapphire Sapphire, September birthstone or Lapis
October Opal or Tourmaline Tourmaline, October birthstone
November Yellow Topaz or Citrine Citrine, November birthstone
December Blue Topaz Blue Topaz, December birthstone, Turquoise, Zircon, or Tanzanite

(This modern list was formalized in 1912, with the only change being the addition of Tanzanite for December in 2002.)

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