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We call these "Instant Christmas Place Cards" because you can make them in an instant. Almost everything you need is in the FREE download!

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"Who forgot the Christmas place cards?"

We were strapped. Dinner was cooking. The table was set. We were just beginning to argue about who couldn't sit next to who. And the guests were due any minute.

"How can we keep Aunt Margaret from yelling into Uncle Vince's deaf ear all night?" Martin moaned. "And Debbie never understands that lefties have to sit at the end."

"Place cards!" I declared. "Quick, make 20 place cards!"

Well, we found the quickest possible way to make a bunch of vintage Christmas place cards. We're passing along the secret to you: standard white address labels. How? Just wait and see...

Materials for Christmas Place Cards

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    Instant Place Cards Template (FREE PDF download).
  • Self-adhesive white address labels (30 per sheet, 1" X 2.625", Avery 5160 or similar.
  • Colored construction paper. We used red (see Tips).
  • Chisel-tip marker or calligraphy pen.
  • Scissors or paper cutter.
  • Bone folder.
  • Optional embellishments: glitter, ribbon, miniature sprigs of holly, evergreen or dried flowers (see Tips).


  1. Download the Place Cards Template. Print it on the blank address label sheets. Hand-write the name of a guest on each sticker, as fancy as you can (see Tips).
  2. Cut construction paper into 3" X 3 3/8" rectangles - one for each place card. Score a fold line across the card from the center of the 3" side and fold. Burnish with the bone folder.
  3. Stick a label on the center of each folded place card.
  4. Done. Embellish if you must, but no one will slight you for keeping it simple. You just roasted a turkey for god's sake.


  • This template is formatted to print on standard, white self-adhesive label sheets. Each label is 1" X 2 5/8" or 25mm X 67mm. The Avery™ number is 5160 or 8160. You could also print these on the same size clear labels. Just set your printer to "transparency" setting and apply the labels to very light colored paper.
  • Any kind of stiff paper works for these. Colored construction paper or matting paper are ideal. You can also use metallic paper or a fancy textured or handmade paper.
  • If you are really clever, you can use your computer graphics program to add the names of your guests to the cards. Open the PDF file with your graphics program and save it as a JPG file. Use your text function to add the names of your guests to each card, then print them onto the labels. Very professional. Too much work.
  • These place cards lend themselves to all sorts of embellishment, if you want to make the project harder. Cut out the construction paper with decorative edge scissors. Add touches of glitter around the edges of each label or as highlights on the vintage image. Punch a hole in the corner and tie on a small bow. Glue on miniature sprigs of holly.
Don't forget: These "instant" Christmas Place Cards go very well with our Christmas Napkin Rings - which are nearly as easy to make!

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