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CD Coasters - A New Spin on the Vintage Look!

Coasters from recycled CDs. A simple craft. Elegant. The perfect coasters for any occasion or holiday theme – because you make them that way. Simple enough for kids who can handle a craft knife. Put your old CDs to work at your next party!


  • Discarded CDs or DVDs.
  • Vintage image that fits a circle 4.75” in diameter, printed on glossy or matte photo paper.
  • Plain or decorative paper for the bottom side.
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    Copper foil tape, 1/4” or larger, from a stained-glass supply store.
  • Clear adhesive vinyl, like Contact Paper.
  • Craft knife (or razor blade) and cutting mat.
  • Spray adhesive or glue stick.


    Coaster craft step 1
  1. Cover the front of your image with clear adhesive vinyl, and smooth out all bubbles. Also cover your plain paper for the bottom. These will be your waterproof surfaces.
  2. Position your CD behind your image (hold it up to a light to see the outline) and trace around the diameter on the back. Do the same with your bottom paper.
  3. Glue the CD onto the back of your image, using the traced circle as a guide.
  4. Coaster craft step 2
  5. Trim away the excess paper around the CD with a craft knife or razor blade.
  6. Glue the bottom paper on the other side of the CD, and trim off the excess.

  7. Coaster craft step 3Cut 15” of copper foil tape, remove the paper backing, and apply the tape around the outside edge of the CD. Be sure the tape is perfectly centered on the edge, stretching and crimping a little as you go around.
  8. Firmly crimp the tape around the edge. Rub with a bone burnisher to smooth out any wrinkles.


  • Clear adhesive vinyl (Contact Paper) is the poor man’s lamination. If you have access to a laminator, go for it.
  • Spray adhesive is the most secure way to glue the images to the CDs, but glue sticks are a less-messy alternative. Just smear well to avoid any lumps of glue under the paper.
  • Copper foil tape gives that old-world stained glass look, but 1/4" black vinyl or cloth tape will work as well.
  • You can back your coasters with plain paper, patterned paper or another image for two-sided versatility. You can also cut circles of thin cork sheet for the bottom of your coasters.
Leftover copper foil tape?  Make another project, like our Vintage Suncatcher!

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