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A traditional Christmas Cracker, suitable for all occasions!

holiday Cracker photo The traditional Christmas Cracker was invented in Victorian England in 1840, supposedly inspired by both Parisian almond bon-bons wrapped in paper, and a burning fireplace log. It is called a cracker because of the surprise BANG! that erupts when it is pulled apart, created by friction on a volatile substance, much like a cap gun. Our version is much tamer, packed only with the candy and treats you love! And any holiday can benefit from candy, so we included images for Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving and Easter. This is a great, simple craft for kids.


  • Materials to make your CrackersVintage images sized to wrap around the diameter of a paper towel tube (about 9.5" X 6")), printed on matte photo paper.
  • Cardboard tube from a paper towel roll.
  • Colorful paper wrapping – crepe paper or tissue paper.
  • Double-sided clear tape.
  • Transparent tape.
  • Ribbon.
  • Scissors or craft knife (or razor blade) and cutting mat.
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    Candy or other small treats. A folded paper hat and a written motto or fortune is very British.


  1. Put candy in the cardboard tube. Believe me – you can forget to do this. Put some transparent tape over the ends to keep it from falling out while you work on the wrapping
  2. Cut wrapping paper to 20” X 10” and lay it face down, long side in front of you.
  3. Center the image and roll it around the tube to tapePut a long strip of double-sided tape down the length of the tube. Center the tube along the 20” edge of the paper, and press the tape side down. Now roll the tube in the paper, and when it is completely wrapped, put another long strip of double-sided tape on the edge of the paper, and press it onto the tube. You should have a tube wrapped in paper, with about 5” of extra paper at each end.

  4. Cut your image to 9.5” X 6” and lay it face down. Put a strip of double-stick tape along both long edges. Center the tube over the image and get it parallel with the edge of the image. Press the tube down on the tape, and roll the image around the tube.
  5. Cinch the ends and tie with ribbonCinch the wrapping at each end, and tie with ribbons


  • Jazz up your cracker by fringing the paper ends with scissors
  • You can use glue instead of double-sided tape, but you’ll have to hold things in place with tight rubber bands while the glue dries

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