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Traditional Kissing Dangle for Valentine's Day

Three vintage-look dangles Traditional kissing dangles will liven up your Valentine’s Day party, or just hang around like mistletoe when you need a smooch. No doubt you have heard the old Dutch saying, "If you kiss under a dangle, your hearts will entangle."  No? Well, it is true nonetheless.

All it takes is vintage images of couples in love, a few cupids, beads and string. And a touch of romance.

Materials for Kissing Dangles

  • Heart templates and imagesTwo or four vintage images sized to fit your heart template (Adobe PDF files).
  • Colorful string or cord (we used red satin cording).
  • Glue stick or other paper adhesive.
  • Assorted beads, buttons or other stringables.
  • Craft knife (or razor blade) and cutting mat. Scissors will work fine.


  1. Cutting the images using the heart templateTrace your heart template on your four images and cut them out. Accuracy counts in this craft. The cutting secret is - move the paper, not the scissors.
  2. Fold each heart down the center.

  3. Gluing the hearts, back-to-backSpread glue on one half of a heart and glue another heart to it, back to back. Repeat with the third heart.
  4. Cut your cord to the right length and tie a knot in one end. String some beads, buttons or whatever down at the knot.

  5. Gluing the hanging cord down the centerLay the cord down the center seam of your three glued hearts. Position it so your beads hang down from the bottom point of the hearts.
  6. Glue your fourth heart in place over the cord.
  7. Tie a knot just above the heart, and string some more beads. More knots. More beads.
  8. Hang it where mature audiences can appreciate it.


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  • Here’s a secret for cutting perfectly using a template. Lay your uncut template over your uncut image. Hold them up to the light to align them the way you want to cut. Staple the template to the image, working around the outside of the template. Now, they will stay together while you cut.  
  • String two or three hearts together on one cord, if you have a high doorway or a chandelier that needs adorning.
  • Embellish your dangle by scalloping the edge of each heart using a hole punch (like we did), or adding an edging of glitter.

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