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An Easter Painting on Canvas has the
Vintage Look of an Old Master

Vintage Easter Painting on Vintage Image Craft
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You can craft an Easter painting that could gather crowds at the Louvre. The trick is to begin with a blank artist's canvas, which you can buy at an art supply store. With a background of acrylic paint and a finish of crackle varnish, this simple decoupage craft will look like an Old Master, inspired by the Easter Bunny.

Crackle varnish comes in several varieties. We used a two-step product by DecoArt called "Perfect Crackle" because it comes out, well, perfect every time. There are several one-step varnishes too, or you can use commercial varnishes as described in our craquelure recipe.

The FREE vintage image we've provided is a 1910 illustration of children in their Easter finery, proudly presenting an apron-full of baby chicks. Adorable!

Materials for our Vintage Easter Painting

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  • Vintage images (FREE PDF download).
  • Matte presentation paper, 8.5" x 11" (see Tips).
  • Pre-stretched, 8" x 10" artist’s canvas on a wood frame (available at art or and craft stores).
  • Spray fixative for photos and artwork, or spray varnish (see Tips).
  • Matte decoupage medium (like Mod Podge).
  • Upholstery tacks (large round head).
  • Acrylic craft paints (mossy green to coordinate with background of the vintage image, and dark brown).
  • Paint brushes.
  • Crackle medium (see Tips).
  • Acrylic varnish (spray or brush).


  1. Easter Painting, step 1Print the vintage image on matte presentation paper. Spray the image lightly with photo fixative and let it dry. Tear the edges around the vintage image in a wavy, irregular outline, leaving a 1/2" border. Tear the paper away with a downward pull to eliminate the visible white ripped edge.

  2. Easter Painting, step 2Paint canvas face and edges with acrylic paint to complement the vintage image. We used a moss green color. Let dry.

  3. Easter Painting, step 3Brush decoupage medium over the canvas and on the back of the vintage image. Press it smooth onto the canvas to eliminate air pockets. Brush another coat of decoupage medium over the entire image and canvas and let it dry.
  4. Apply crackle medium to the face of the canvas. Just follow the package directions. We prefer the “two step” to the “one step” crackle medium. It’s amazing how beautifully cracks will form when the final application is dry!

  5. Easter Painting, step 4Thin the dark brown acrylic paint with a few drops of water and wash over the entire canvas, including the edges. It will creep into the varnish cracks and make them stand out. While the paint is wet, gently wipe off the excess paint with a damp sponge or soft cloth until it is “aged” to the degree you like. We wiped off more of the brown wash from the children’s faces so they stood out more clearly. Adolescents have enough blemish problems without giving them dark cracks. Let dry.
  6. Spray (or brush) the finished canvas with matte acrylic varnish.
  7. Hammer the decorative upholstery tacks into the sides of the canvas frame from one to three inches apart – whatever looks good to you.
  8. Display your completed masterpiece on an easel. VOILA!!!


  • Presentation paper is opaque white paper of lighter weight than photo paper. It's used for brochures and fliers, because it is light enough to fold and mail easily. It is also an excellent paper for printing images for decoupage projects, because it lays flat and bends around curves and corners well. If you can't find presentation paper at your office supply store, use a bright white, opaque printer paper.
  • Crackle varnish comes in several varieties. We used a two-step product by DecoArt called "Perfect Crackle," and it is pretty perfect. You simply brush on one varnish, and when it is dry, you brush on a second type of varnish which cracks as it dries. You can also use one of several one-step varnishes, or you can use commercial varnishes as described in our craquelure recipe.
  • Spraying the inkjet-printed image with a fixative will prevent the inks from blurring or running when moistened with the decoupage medium (Mod Podge). We used Preserve It! by Krylon, described on the label as a moisture-resistant "digital photo and paper protectant." A clear spray varnish would work as well for this project. In a pinch, use hair spray. Just spray the image lightly and let it dry.

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