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Harrison Fisher

(1877 Brooklyn, NY - 1934 New York)

Fisher postcard #1Fisher grew up in California, under the artistic guidance of his father, Hugo A. Fisher.  His commercial art career began with routine design work for the San Francisco Call and Examiner. Moving back to New York, he started to develop his own style with sketches of girl's faces.  Soon, he was turning out illustrations for popular magazines like Scribners, Cosmopolitan, Life, The Saturday Evening Post and McClure's, ultimately earning the title "King of Magazine-Cover Artists."  At the height of his popularity in 1910, he was earning the unheard of sum of $50,000 a year. He was a close friend of fellow illustrator Howard Chandler Christy, and they agreed to paint portraits of each other. Christy completed his portrait of his friend, but Fisher died of a heart ailment before he could paint Christy.  As a testament to his public stature, his eulogy was delivered by Broadway legend, George M. Cohan.  

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