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Kate Greenaway

(1846 Hoxton, North London - 1901)

Greenaway postcard #1A very early illustrator, Greenaway is most remembered for her pictures and rhymes in her books Mother Goose and Old Nursery Rhymes. Her father, John Greenaway, was an engraver, and her mother, Elizabeth Catherine Jones, a seamstress.  Growing up in her mother's dress shop, Kate was influenced by the designs and textures of fashion.  She enrolled at the Finsbury School of Art at the age of 12, and went on to the Central School in south Kensington.  She transferred to the newly founded Slade School in 1871, because they advertised equal education for both sexes, and studied at Heatherley's School of Art in the evenings.  After an early success in 1867 with a book frontispiece, she began designing for greeting cards, calendars and book illustrations in London.  Her books became very popular in England and soon in America.  She was plagued by imitators, and her artwork was pirated for wallpaper, plates, clothing and dolls.  After her death in 1901, many of her holiday illustrations, mostly Christmas and Valentine greeting cards, were adapted and published as postcards.  

Read a more complete biography at Women Children's Book Illustrators by Denise Ortakales.

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