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Festoon your Halloween tree with this Halloween Clown Ornament, complete with harlequin streamers.

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Here is a Halloween Clown Ornament that illustrates just how the Victorians reveled at Halloween. We took the basic vintage image and played on its features; the carnival atmosphere, the deep oranges and black, and the harlequin streamers.

This ornament is two-sided, and works just as well as a door decoration or little whimsy for your Halloween display.

Materials for Halloween Clown Ornament

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  • Matte photo paper, heavyweight.
  • Thin (1/8") ribbon (4' each pale orange and black).
  • Pony beads with large holes (two orange and two black).
  • Copper wire, 8", medium weight.
  • Craft glue or glue stick.
  • Single-hole punch (see Tips).
  • Needle-nose pliers.
  • Scissors or craft knife. A paper cutter is useful for straight cuts.
  • Self-healing cutting mat, if using a craft knife.


  1. Print the vintage images on matte photo paper. Trim them, leaving a 1/8" border around the full, rectangular image. Glue the images back to back, press them flat and let dry, then trim them to the final size. Punch a hole in each corner.
  2. Halloween clown ornament, step 1Twist the copper wire around a pencil 4-5 times to form a loose spiral, slide out the pencil, and bend the wire into a curved hanger shape. Thread two beads onto each end of the wire. Bend the wire, 1" from both ends. Put the ends of the wire through the two holes at the top of the ornament,pinch the ends tight against the wire, thread the beads over the ends of the wire, and bend the remaining end over the beads to secure the hanger to the card.

  3. Halloween clown ornament, step 2Cut four 12" lengths of orange ribbon, and four 12" lengths of black ribbon. Bundle two orange and two black lengths and fold them in the middle. Feed the folded end through one hole at the bottom of the ornament. Bring the loop around the corner to the front of the card and feed the other ends of the ribbon through the loop, pulling tight until the ribbon is firmly knotted. You may want to put a drop of glue on the back of the knot to prevent it from loosening. Trim the ends of the ribbons at various lengths.
  4. Hang your Halloween Clown Ornament on your Halloween tree and wait for the Great Pumpkin to deliver your presents!


  • We used a standard office-type hole punch that creates a 1/4" hole. You might prefer a smaller 1/8" hole punch.
  • Halloween clown ornament as door decorationThis Halloween Clown ornament makes a frolicsome door decoration, too. If you want it bigger, just enlarge the image to the size you want. Adjust the size of the beads (or you might use fluffy pom poms instead) and the width of the ribbon. You might also want to laminate the paper for durability, and add grommets to the corner holes. Welcome Halloween!
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