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This vintage-look Halloween luminary craft will light up your holiday!  It is very easy to make, with a few simple materials.

Halloween luminary craft final photo(click for a larger Halloween Luminary Craft image)
Nothing says "Happy Halloween" like a flickering candle and grinning Jack O'Lanterns. Here is a Halloween luminary craft that is sure to grace your table, mantle or window sill this year. You can make it yourself with some glass, glue, copper-foil tape, and some spooky vintage images from the early 1900's - when they really knew what Halloween was all about.

These three charming Halloween images are from a famous set of postcards illustrated by Ellen H. Clapsaddle around 1908.

The inspiration for this Halloween luminary craft came from another one of our crafts.  While we were working on our Vintage Suncatcher, we kept saying the technique of applying translucent vellum paper to glass would be great for a luminary. With some trial and error, we hit on this very easy way to create a striking three-sided luminary that glows beautifully with candle light.  We made ours in a couple of hours, then displayed it on a cut-glass plate filled with candy corn.


  1. Halloween luminary craft materialsVintage images, (Free Adobe PDF download) printed on translucent vellum paper (see Tips).
  2. Three pieces of clear glass, cut to 8" X 5".
  3. Copper-foil tape, 1/2" wide (see Tips).
  4. Spray glue.
  5. Household glue suitable for glass, like Duco Cement.
  6. Masking tape.
  7. Craft knife.
  8. Scissors.
  9. Bone burnisher.
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    Votive candle in a clear glass votive cup.

Instructions for Halloween Luminary Craft

  1. Halloween luminary craft, step 1. Glue images to glassLightly spray the back side of the three images with spray glue (see Tips). Carefully position each piece of glass within the printed dotted lines around the images. Press the glass down onto the back of the image. Turn it over and gently smooth out any air bubbles. When the glue is dry, cut away the excess paper around the glass with a craft knife.

  2. Halloween luminary craft, step 2. Copper foil the tops and bottoms of each panelCut six pieces of copper foil tape, 6" long. Adhere them to the top and bottom of each glass panel (see Tips).  When the tape is stuck on the edge of the glass and before you crimp and burnish it, cut off the excess tape flush with the corners of the glass with a craft knife.

  3. Halloween luminary craft, step 3. Copper foil the top and bottom edges.Crimp the foil tape to the glass and burnish with a bone burnisher.

  4. Halloween luminary craft, step 4. Tape the panels together.Place the three glass panels image-side down, side by side, and tape them together with small pieces of masking tape at the top and bottom.

  5. Halloween luminary craft, step 5. Gluing the corners of the glassBring the three glass panels together into a triangle.  Place rubber bands around the top and bottom to hold them in place.  Glue the three edges with household glue.  Let the glue dry for an hour.  Remove the rubber bands and masking tape.

  6. Halloween luminary craft, step 6. Applying copper foil to the glass seams.Apply 9" pieces of copper foil tape to the three corner seams.  Cut off the excess tape at the top and bottom, gently crimp and burnish.

  7. Place your Halloween luminary craft over a clear glass votive candle cup. Surround it with candy corn, black glass marbles, black and orange M&Ms, or some autumnal greenery.  


  • The free images are 7.75" X 4.75" pictures with a 1/4" white border. The surrounding dotted line is makes each image exactly 8" X 5". The 1/4" white border will be covered by the copper-foil tape.
  • If you are familiar with our craft instructions, you are familiar with our warning - spray glue can be hazardous. Work outside. Cover everything the least bit valuable. Wear safety glasses. Once you have sprayed the glue, work quickly but carefully. It is not repositionable, so get your glass where you want it before you stick it down. If you get it crooked or the paper wrinkles, you may have to remove the paper from the glass and start over, so read the spray can and have the proper solvent nearby.
  • Copper-foil tape is a standard product at stained glass supply stores. It is backed with adhesive and paper, and comes in various widths. This craft requires 1/2" tape, which is one of the largest sizes.
  • Applying copper foil tape evenly to the edge of glass takes some dexterity and patience. Frankly, it is hard to get it centered on the edge and keep it there while you crimp it on. Here's our method: Lay the tape face down on the table and pull back about 1" of the paper backing. Place the edge of your glass in the center of that 1" of foil tape and stick it on lightly. Keep the glass centered on the tape and slowly pull back the remaining paper backing, periodically lifting the glass and sticking the tape to the edge of the glass. When you have removed all of the paper, you should have the foil tape perfectly centered and adhered to the edge of the glass. Now crimp it onto the glass with your fingers (being very careful of the sharp edges of the glass), then burnish it with a bone burnisher.
This Halloween luminary craft is actually a very versatile design. Substitute images for any holiday - a Valentine love-light? A Christmas dinner centerpiece? Candling eggs for Easter?

Do you like the look of light softly filtering through a vintage picture? Do you want to use up some of the copper-foil tape you just bought? Check out one of our most popular crafts, the Vintage Suncatcher.

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