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Maud Humphrey

(1868 Rochester, NY - 1940 Hollywood, CA)

Humphrey postcard #1Before she became primarily known as Humphrey Bogart's mother, Miss Humphrey was recognized as an illustrator of children's books. As early as the 1890's, she was illustrating calendars, greeting cards and fashion magazines, as well as painting portraits of socialite children.  Into the 1920's, her advertising designs promoted Prudential Insurance and Ivory Soap, and her artwork graced the covers of Harper's and Century magazines. Several series of her illustrations of children were published as postcards, beginning around 1908.

For the record, the baby illustration used to advertise Gerber Baby Food was not drawn by Maud Humphrey and it is not an infant Humphrey Bogart (although her portrait of him was used on the label of a different brand, Mellins Baby Food). The actual Gerber Baby sketch was the work of Dorothy Hope Smith in 1927, capturing her neighbor, 4-month old Ann Cook, at her cutest.

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