Joy - mixed media wall hanging

by Becky Howell

Discover Joy in the Journey

Discover Joy in the Journey

I selected The Young Discoverers from the free images offered by Vintage Image Craft. The image reminded me that we all can continue discovering throughout the journey of our lives. How wonderful for kids this young and innocent to discover that joy can be found in the journey, even in the tough times.

I created a mixed media wall hanging on a stretched artist canvas. There are several layers of burgundy, rose and brown paints with bright pink tissue paper crumpled on top. This created wonderful texture, while allowing the color variations and the canvas weave to show through. The color is a deep berry that sets off the wonderful colors in the Victorian image. The piece is embellished with vintage images, lace, a vintage map, antique buttons, the dictionary definition of joy, and a scripture that states..."count it all joy". Hand lettering bends around the top left corner and states..."Discover joy in your journey."

I found this challenge ten days ago and looked at my calendar and knew I would not be able to enter. However, this afternoon I found myself with some free time and had fun creating this piece. I hope you enjoy it. Photographing indoors, at night, with incandescent light, does not do a piece of artwork justice. But I had fun!

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Oct 30, 2015
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Oct 21, 2015
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May 19, 2010
Joy Wall Hanging
by: Sal

Becky, this is an awesome piece. I love the colors, I love the composition and I love your use of embellishments. The bow in the little girl's hair is spectacular! I thought your creation was beautiful just as it was, and I know that feeling of not being satisfied with a project even though others tell you it's great. I decorative painted a flower pot and my sister just loved it and wanted it even though I kept telling her it wasn't good enough. I saw it in her house with plants in it and thought, omg, it does look good. Sometimes we just don't give ourselves the credit we deserve.

May 17, 2010
Joy Mixed Media Wall Hanging
by: Helen Goulty

This is really lovely, I love the use of colour and also the composition. Thanks for sharing.

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