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Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

(1888 Melbourne, Australia - 1960)  

Outhwaite postcard # 1Born Ida Sherbourne Rentoul, Outhwaite began writing and illustrating children's books with her sister, Annie Rattray Rentoul.  In 1903, they published The Fairies of Fern Gully, and their work soon gained popularity.  Ida went on to illustrate for other authors and composers, and even designed programs and costumes for Her Majesty's Theatre in Melbourne.  Her later book illustrations for the London publisher, A. & C. Black, Ltd, led to several series of postcard illustrations.  Ida married Grenby Outhwaite in 1909, and he became the promoter of her work.  They had four children. Until Grenby's death in 1938, Ida illustrated dozens of books, enjoyed several exhibits in Australia and England, and created a popular comic strip featuring her character, Benjamin Bear.  

For a more complete biography, visit Women Children's Books Illustrators by Denise Ortakales.

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