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This flag-waving, star-spangled patriotic chenille doll will spark up your 4th of July! Wear it as a lapel pin. Hang it on your front door. Make dozens and stage a tiny parade.

Patriotic chenille doll craft photo(click here for a larger Patriotic Chenille Doll image)
Here's an easy craft that hearkens back to the chenille figures of the 1930s and 40s. Our patriotic chenille doll takes a couple of "bump" chenille rods, some metallic paper, ultra-fine glitter, and one of those little flag-topped toothpicks you can buy at any party store.

We photographed our vintage-look dolls with Scott's grandmother's coffee grinder, right off her Pennsylvania farm.  Next to that is an antique cranberry glass cup inscribed "Atlanta," from Martin's grandmother.  


  1. Vintage image and star template, (Free Adobe PDF download) printed on heavy matte photo paper.
  2. Crafts & Supplies at joann.com!
    Red bump chenille rods (1 1/2 rods for each doll)(See Tips).
  3. Metallic silver paper or Mylar (see Tips).
  4. Miniature flag toothpicks (See Tips).
  5. Ultra-fine clear glitter.
  6. Tacky craft glue (like Aleen's) or hot glue gun.
  7. Gold or silver lamè braid or ribbon (optional).
  8. Assorted beads (optional).
  9. Lapel pin back (optional).
  10. Scissors (small for cutting detail).

Instructions for Patriotic Chenille Doll

  1. Patriotic chenille doll craft suppliesCut two 12" bump chenille rods into four 6" pieces. You will need three pieces to make one doll.

  2. Patriotic chenille doll craft, step 1Bend two of the chenille pieces in the center into a "V" shape.  These are the legs and the arms.  To form the body, bend the center of the third chenille piece around a pen (or your little finger) and twist the ends twice.  This loop is the doll's head.

  3. Patriotic chenille doll craft, step 3 Connect the arms and legs by linking the pieces in the center and twisting them together two or three times. In this photo, the head and body are at the top, and the arms and legs are below.

  4. Patriotic chenille doll craft, step 4Place the arms and legs on the center of the body (with the head at the top). Bend the ends at the bottom of the body between the legs and up over the shoulders, pinching firmly to attach.  You should have a cute little figure with a hole for a head.

  5. Patriotic chenille doll craft, step 5Cut out the head and hat from the vintage image, using manicure scissors to cut the fine detail. With a small paintbrush, apply white glue to the white stripes and brim of the hat, and both full sides of the flag. Over a piece of paper, sprinkle liberally with the ultra-fine glitter, covering all glued areas.  Let the glue dry, then tap off the excess glitter and return it to the glitter container.  Cut the point off of the tooth pick flag pole.

  6. Patriotic chenille doll detail photoTrace the star template onto the metallic silver paper and cut it out. Glue the image head onto the top point of the star.
  7. To make a hanging ornament, tie a loop of gold cord through the chenille head loop. To make a lapel pin, glue a pin back to the back of the figure with a hot glue gun.
  8. Glue the star/head onto the chenille loop.
  9. Bend the tips of the arms and legs to form hands and feet. Bend one hand around the flag pole and secure it with glue.
  10. Optional addition: To create hands and feet like the example above, thread beads onto the chenille rods and bend the rods back and pinch to secure them.
  11. Now bend his little arms and legs the way you like!


  • Standard chenille rods are 12" long. "Bump" chenille rods are chenille rods with fluffy "bumps" every 3", or four bumps per rod.
  • We used Mylar glitter paper for our star.  You would do just as well with white or blue cardstock covered with silver or clear glitter. you can get some extra bling by cutting out the star with decorative edge scissors.
  • We found these traditional flag picks at a party store.  If you have trouble finding them locally, you can make your own with a small photocopied flag and a toothpick.
  • Here's some ideas: Leave your patriotic chenille doll flat and attach him to the front of a greeting card!  Let him parade around in your potted plants. Attach a few dolls and some patriotic ribbon to a grapvine wreath for your door. If you are British, throw all of your tea in the bathtub while your doll shouts "No taxation without representation!"
4th of July crafts like the Patriotic Chenille Doll can be a great way to get kids into the spirit of the holiday.  This is an easy craft, requiring only cutting and gluing skills.

Two other 4th of July crafts are our door decoration and the vintage cracker - also very easy for children to make.

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