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This charming pet treat jar is suitable for cats or dogs - so we gave you vintage images of both! And painting lettering by hand on glass? Not as hard as you think, with this trick.

Pet treat jar photoHere is a great craft for an afternoon.  Next time you are at the Goodwill or a yard sale, grab one of those glass canisters that are ALWAYS there for $1.00.  With a few supplies and a steady hand, you can make this Pet Treat Jar for your beloved cat, dog, or... other.


  1. Pet treat jar step 1Vintage images and text, printed on lightweight photo paper.
  2. Glass jar or canister, about 8" high.
  3. Paint pen, black, with a fine or medium tip (see Tips).
  4. Spray adhesive.
  5. Transparent tape.
  6. Scissors.


  1. Pet treat jar step 3Cut out the word TREATS and each of the paw prints from your image pages.  Lightly tape them inside the jar, facing out, where you want to paint them.  We placed TREATS at the bottom and made a lazy trail of paw prints around the jar, leaving room for the image on the front.

  2. Pet treat jar step 2Using the black paint pen, carefully paint over the letters on the outside of the jar.  Let them dry.  Paint over the paw prints.  Let dry. Remove the papers from inside the jar.  Touch up any spots you might have missed with the paint pen (see Tips).

    Pet treat jar step 4

  3. Cut out the vintage image.  Spray the back with adhesive, place it on the jar, and smooth it out (see Tips).
  4. Fill with treats. Constantly.


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  • There are several kinds of paint pens, with both oil-based and water-based paints.  You want oil-based paint, opaque and suitable for painting on glass.  
  • If you have not used spray adhesive before, you are in for an experience. It is horrible stuff, but boy, it sticks paper to glass like nothing else. Use it outside. Protect your clothes and glasses. Protect everything. It is not repositionable, so get your image on the jar where you want it the first time. Should that fail, scrape off the image with a razor blade and clean off the adhesive with turpentine.
  • Made a slip with your paint pen? Don't try to wipe it off wet. Finish painting everything and let it dry for an hour. Scrape off the mistake with a razor blade and try again.
  • Hey, why not personalize your jar? Print out your pet's name in a large, chunky font. Tape it inside the jar, maybe above where you'll put the image, and paint it like the rest. Pets like their names on things.

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