Please clarify instructions on printing fabric sheets

In "make your own fabric sheets" (, you have an instruction: "One sheet at a time, print your images on the fabric side. You may have to coax it a little."

I don't know what you mean, "print your images"? What does that mean?

VIC Answer: So sorry for the shorthand. This entire page is about using your home computer and ink-jet printer to print on fabric. The first section describes how to use iron-on transfer sheets, the second section is about purchased fabric sheets, and the third section is about making your own fabric sheets. Again, these are all ways to use your computer and your ink-jet printer.

To clarify the part you questioned: On your computer, select the image you want to print. Set your printer for fabric sheets, cardstock, or some heavy paper setting. Feed the fabric sheet into your printer manually, or put it in your paper tray. Print the image onto the fabric sheet.

The part about "coaxing it a little" means guide the sheet into the manual paper feeder with gentle pressure. Most printers are temperamental about heavy or uneven paper, and it may not feed smoothly without some help.

Scott & Martin

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