Purple Fun

by Fran Coss

Purple Fun by Fran Coss

Purple Fun by Fran Coss

Fran Coss - Using VIC image from Facebook, I printed a full page picture. This was then glued (Pritt Stick) to a sheet of hard foam board and allowed to dry. I used a craft knife to cut around the main image - keeping back the salutation for the bottom.

I then covered the left-over piece of foam board in purple felt as a base.

Four small diamante beads were attached to the hats and bodices. Flat, clear gems were then placed in the center of each flower (using glue dots). The visible white edges of the hardboard were painted with purple acrylic paint. Four straight pins were pushed through the base and up into the figures in order to stand it up.
The 'Valentine Greeting' was glued on (pins too long!).

The 'Message Board' was attached using pins. A strip of felt was glued over the pin heads to keep them from moving.

I intend putting a small battery operated tea-light on the other side to complete the Project. Whilst this is not technically a hanging ornament it can be adapted as such by adding a simple and pretty hemp string and it would look great on any wall!

Also one could reverse print the image, glue it to the back, use a wider base and have a ceiling hanging!

The beading was recycled from broken bracelets and discarded curtain material. I really enjoyed making this from my limited resources and I have a very pretty ornament to present to our boss who loves anything purple.

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Very Nice
by: Anonymous

Lovely creation

Purple Fun
by: Lyneen

This is really sweet... I love purple!

I heart this severely!
by: Jen Hill

This is a wonderful idea! I love the triple dimension and you've inspired me to try something 3-d too! Beautiful project!

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