Sky and Earth Box - collaged wooden box

by Karen Monroe

Download free Flammarion print (black and white image); With colored pencils, color and shade print in blues, purples, yellows, rose, green.

Using Scrapbook Factory software create landscape background photo, add text: "...the point where the sky and the Earth touched..." which was provided with the explanation of print from Vintage Image Create detailed quote from "The Atmosphere: Popular Meteorology" as provided by, again using Scrapbook Factory software; cut to fit wooden box; burnish edges w/purple colored pencil.

Paint wood box using purple and blue. Use dry brush technique to create purple shadow over blue; use Metal Paint and patina to age gold hinges.

Highlight Scrapbook Factory image (sky and mountain shadows) with purple colored pencils.

Adhere landscape image to top of box, then frame Flammarion print w/purple construction paper and adhere as shown. Adhere book quote to top interior of box. Adhere coordinating fabric and purple tissue paper to interior of box.

Craft Materials:

Wooden Box

Craft paint: skyline, violet pansy, espresso bean metal paint, patina

Paper: Purple Construction Paper, light purple tissue paper

Glue Stick and Mod Podge (matte)

Coordinating Fabric

Color Pencils, Brushes

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Oct 23, 2015
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Oct 02, 2015
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May 20, 2010
by: Su Hall

Congratulations in placing with your piece. You certainly did a wonderful job. Have fun!


May 19, 2010
Midnight Blue
by: Eva

This is amazing. This creation is awesome. I hope that you continue in your endeavor. Your instructions are explicit and interesting.
Thank you so much!!!

May 16, 2010
Sky & Earth Box
by: Helen Goulty

This is an amazing collaged box. I loved the way that you had coloured in that particular vintage image. I had printed it off and was going to use it as a base for a Zentangle design, but what you have done with it is so much more creative. Thanks so much for sharing.

May 16, 2010
by: Su Hall

I love your box! I like the prose in the top of it. How cool! The top of the box is so interesting. I looked at the image you used, but, didn't quite 'get it'. You did it up very nice. I love what you have done.


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